Feminists Cried: Olympics Prove Women Can Be Successful AND Attractive

*Rest easy, this post contains no pictures of feminists.

Every four years some of the most dedicated and physically fit human beings alive get together to have wild orgies and sometimes compete against each other for national glory. If you look at these games as a microcosm of humanity we can glean valuable information from them. In particular what characteristics we look for in short term sexual partners. Most of the female Olympians I see in competition fit a standard (excellent) bill.  Long hair, radiant smiles, and of course top shelf ability. No matter what country they hail from or what sport they compete in, they all attempt to cultivate a traditional feminine appearance.


Abby Ghent
Abby Ghent

But if you think about it, these are the same women who should have every excuse to slack on the additional beauty tips. Of course their bodies are in excellent shape due to the rigorous training, but makeup, hair, nail polish, take precious time when your sore from training for 8 – 10 hours a day. This stands in stark contrast to ugly feminists everywhere who claim they are too “busy” to pretty themselves or cultivate a pleasant personality. These Olympians train daily for years to be the best in the world while Lindy West trains to see how many doughnuts she can fit in her mouth at once.

Allison Baver
Allison Baver

These Olympians serve as an inspiration to all women, you can be the best in the world and still look good.  But hey I’m sure Sandra Fluke had a harder day lobbying on Capitol Hill.



Men Need Lofty Goals

If I could only live to see it, to be there with you. What I wouldn’t give for twenty more years!

-Hyman Roth

The old man provides valuable insight into delayed gratification and effective planning. It made me think of where I would be in 20 years, and if I would I even be alive, much less successful in the goals I’ve set. If I don’t have a plan I know I won’t be.

I don’t know a lot of men with a long term plan. Sure the cops and teachers want to make it through their 20 years and retire, but that boils down to survival more so than dedicated plan. I think with age the ability to plan long term arises, but by then it’s too late. Most of the mid 20’s men I know barely have a 2 year plan, and what they do have only concerns their career. If you ask them where they will be in 5-10 years, it’s the rare man that can give a definitive answer. Of course circumstances change and unforeseen opportunities arise but even a general sense of direction will help. That’s where the lofty goal comes in. Like a far off lighthouse guiding you through the mist and rough waves of life, the goal acts as a beacon. How you navigate the various obstacles is up to you, but the direction is always clear. An oft used example would be Odysseus and his adventures on the way back to his beloved family. Years and thousands of miles separate the man from his home, but possession of self and mental fortitude  forge a rugged attitude, “nothing will stop me from my goal”.

My advice on planning is distilled in a quote spoken by Dwigt D. Eisenhower. “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” I know and fully expect for problems to arise. No plan survives first contact and by expecting issues and allotting both time and resources you can effectively overcome them. Think back to when you waited until the last moment to write a paper for school. You find out there’s an extra section to write, the printer doesn’t work, traffic on the road, internet slows to a crawl. You didn’t plan for the problems and paid the price, now extrapolate that for life.

Many men think they have the world of time to accomplish their vision. “Just as soon as I finish school, pay my loans, move, etc…” I’m guilty of it too and I fight everyday to stay on track. You’re mortal, you will die, and you probably won’t see it coming. There isn’t time to reminisce on missed opportunities, neither is there time to drag your feet in fulfilling your goals.

Sit down and write out where you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, where you want to live, where you want your family to be (financially, physically, etc…) I don’t know what diverse goals you have set for yourself but charting a road map is the only way to success.


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Swords Out, Go And Kill Shit This Week.


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Live Truly and See Truly: Quitting Porn

“Wanna know how I got these scars?”


Want to know how it feels to quit porn completely? Well this post is for you. This is a longer post than usual but well worth the read, here;s the TL;DR version if you cannot:

  • You will feel like shit for a bit (your personal mileage will vary)
  • Set your own limits. Some men do not fantasize, watch nude scenes in films, read erotic lit, or have sex during reboot.
  • Use the YBOP forums and/or RebootBlueprint for support and accountability. Porn blockers are a viable option.
  • Relapsing is common, do not stop the reboot or start to binge after a relapse.
  • Friends and family may not understand what you’re doing or why you’re doing it.
  • The benefits are numerous and real but take time to develop.

On Oct 1 2013 I quit completely on a whim. Things were getting out of hand and I had to make a change. Around the same time I started EaL I also started a Tumblr that focused on tasteful erotic art, which soon spun out of control. What started as tasteful art degenerated into straight up porn, I started receiving unsolicited nudes from women, offers to cyber, and offers to meet up in person. A 19 year old tight bodied Brazilian woman sent a video of herself getting off to what I had posted. Likewise two 22 year olds sent a vid of them fingering each other to my inbox. Not going to lie, I got hooked.

On 10/1/13 I stopped checking, but never deleted it. I still get updates on new followers and reposts every now and then, but ego stopped me from deleting (who doesn’t love unsolicited nudes / msgs from attractive women?) So it’s been a little over 2 months now and I can say I beat the urges and such. Here’s what I’ve learned. Of course every brain is different and you’re experience will vary. *P= porn, M= masturbation, O=orgasm, hence PMO masturbate to orgasm using porn*. –The first few weeks are absolute shit. I was completely miserable for the first 2-3 weeks. Luckily I read several articles on the always excellent Your Brain On Porn forums. Before you make the decision you have to read up and learn what to expect. The dopamine plug of infinite internet porn is pulled and your brain is pissed. Some guys get physically ill and face something akin to withdrawal symptoms from opiods ( I got the flu last year when I first tried this). The only solution is to eat right, work out, and stay busy. Take supplements to balance out chemical deficiencies in your brain and forge onward.

Makeup; Turning albino Scandinavian boys into porn divas in no time.


Edging, erotic literature/ art, porn, fantasies… I abstained from M completely for the first month. While I have never had a problem with erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, or anything like that it still takes time for your brain to re-wire itself. Don’t read erotic literature, watch porn, edge, and sometimes you shouldn’t even fantasize. For those of you who don’t know what edging is, it’s keeping yourself at a state of peak arousal with out orgasm / sex and does considerable damage to your prostate. This is sheer willpower, mind over matter stuff. Some guys M, some guys have sex, some abstain during the reboot. It’s your call depending on where you see yourself. I had sex during the process and I like to believe it helped speed up the process.

Porn blockers and accountability If you really can’t will yourself to stop watching there are resources for you. First off clear your internet history so every time you type in the letter p pornhub doesn’t pop up. While I haven’t used porn blockers, they came highly recommended from the forums. Some of them offer the added option to automatically send an email to someone of your choice if you visit one of the sites on your blacklist. For more accountability use the YBOP forums. There are answers to EVERY concern and question. Men of all ages from 12 – 80 share their experience there and it has helped me substantially. Trust me, when you’re sex drive flatlines and you feel like a eunuch for a week or you relapse it’s important to have that support structure there.

Relapsing is common, don’t beat yourself up or quit. This generation has practically been raised on porn since they grew up with high speed internet. Some have been watching porn since they were 12 or younger and this forms a major habit, coupled with the fact that GUYS IN THEIR TEENS NOW SUFFER FROM PORN INDUCED ED, this was more than enough reason to stop. Obviously the sooner you pull the plug the better, but there are guys quitting after 20 years and the neural pathways are strongly engrained, enabling a relapse. When this happens DO NOT QUIT THE REBOOT AND DO NOT BINGE. Many have fallen to the death spiral of a relapse whether it pertains to behavioral addictions or drug abuse. I know a few guys who relapsed and then rationalized away hours long porn binges. Guess what, you feel like shit for the next few days because you caved. I don’t reset my counter (partly because after day 30 I stopped counting days and count months now) because I know I’ve worked hard and one slip won’t send me into a spiral. I just now suffered a minor relapse and that’s what made me write this.

Don’t expect regular people to understand. Not one of my close friends can comprehend the thought of decreasing porn use. I didn’t think it would be so controversial when I brought it up but most guys have never even thought of stopping. Now I just keep it close to my chest.

Benefits Finally the meat of the issue.

  • First and most importantly you can’t get porn induced ED. If you value having a functioning dick into your golden years cut porn out right now.
  • Save time
  • Less computer viruses
  • You remove the infinite supply of pixelated hot women forcing you to develop yourself enough to pull flesh and blood attractive women.
  • Stable mood throughout the day / week.
  • Masturbation is enjoyable, even energizing again as opposed to leaving you lethargic and weak.
  • You killed one more addiction, making you a better man in the process. This takes an enormous amount of willpower and is something to be proud of when completed.
  • Paraphrase from a Heartiste commenter on porn; “In gorilla troops the alpha fucks the female while the betas watch and masturbate. By watching porn you’re relegating yourself to beta by watching an alpha fuck a chick. If you’re going to watch anything, watch two chicks at least, then your half-way to alpha”. Don’t know if it’s true but it’s something to think about.
  • These 92 other benefits.
Morning after pill? Try morning after lawsuit, I’m suing your ass for deceptive advertising and bait and switch.


I’m going to start looking at these before I hit the bars from now on.

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This is going to be a weekly post, from now on. Anything I find to help men better themselves will be included, finance, science, self-development, etc… Had about 10 more to post but WP ate the draft. If you see anything worth posting or have a comment drop it in the comment section.

Go out and kill shit this week.



Success Principle: Temper Your Expectations


Setting realistic goals is a valuable but difficult task for any ambitious soul. Ambition and motivation will mess with you and say you can be flying down I95 in that $4 million Veneno in two years time while you struggle to jump-start you’re 97 Mercury Tracer. Stories of the overnight millionaire and kids who hit it big in their 20’s are exceedingly rare despite the MSM’s insistence that it happens all the time.

People have a vision of “the life” in their mind’s. You know what it generally looks like, a fast car, attractive spouse, spacious house with every amenity, interesting friends, large bankroll, etc… What they don’t realize is that those things are loosely connected at best and don’t come in a nice neat little package. In a nutshell; you can have the money to buy a Ferrari but no have idea how to control 700 hp to the rear wheels. As they say the skills don’t come with the money. You could have the bankroll but the personality of a drunk sloth, guess what you have no friends or significant other. Or you have charisma in spades but no liquid capital, the examples go on forever. Forget that bullshit mindset “money buys happiness” and start setting specific goals in each area of you’re life. If you start from the bottom there is no place for pride in this process.



You want to attract supermodels into your life but can’t approach women alone/sober/at all. Maybe you’ve never been in a relationship or maybe you do well with average looking women. Take positive steps, small at first to work your way up. Start a relationship with an avg chick or one who is below the threshold. Learn the ins and outs of the female mind (through experience not blogs) and build up from there. Trade up when you feel comfortable or start a soft harem. Everyone has different sticking points and it’s impossible to cover them all in a paragraph, most likely you know what you need to do, just do it already.

Pro-tip: Game + Access= Win. If you don’t travel in the same circles as her, you’re gonna be gaming your hand at the end of the night.



Minimum wage slave with big dreams. Focus on doubling your income in the next 2-3 yrs. The lower you start the easier this is i.e… you make $7 an hr currently and a quick craigslist search finds numerous jobs paying at least $14. It gets harder when you bank $500,000 already but not impossible, it just takes a sharper mind and a little ingenuity.

Keep the grand vision in the back of your mind and set small manageable goals daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. This is a marathon not a sprint.


GBFM’s One Cock Rule


The venerable poet GBFM has graced the bernankifed desouled masses with another gem. I present his ode to The One Cock Rule and Three Cock Rule respectively.


OMG both of you betado9uches above are violating THE ONE COCK RULE!!!

You are alloowing chix to bring other COCKS into your mind lozlzlzzoz zlozllzl. The second a chick makes me think of another cock she is outta my house outta my mind or if she’s texting on a date which almost never happens because i almost never date i go “i gotta use the men’s room lzozlzl” and then i leave her with the bill. she can text her ten other cocks to comne over and pay for her drniks/dinner lzozlzlzllzlzlz and then,. after paying, they have full right to gizizizizizalizzz all over her lzozlz

“I’ve been seeing this girl for a year. We live together and I’ve still got hand.”

OMG lzozzlzll wtf are fuckity fucks doing with chix in your homes? lzozlzlzlz omg lozlzlzlzlzl looozers lzozlzlzlz1!! hzhzh



O U T OUT! lzozlzlzl

OMG lozlzlzozlozozolzl wft r u doing dating a chick 4 a yer did your dick fall off? Were yu chosen by Beernanke and given an award and medal to support today’s slutty slutt vampiressses cuckholders cockcutters?

sounds 2 me it is the latter as u have no cock lzozlzlzlzl lzzozl

and she made you think of another cock

fucktard haven’t u heard of the one cock rule?

let’s teach these douches somethin ’bout nbein a man yo!

throw a beat over this way.
yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo

now hit it!

one cock rule one cock rule
i ain’t no beta fool i ain’t no beta tool
about another cock ya make me think
i’m gone, yo bitch,
let the betas buy yas yer next drink

one cock rule one cock rule
i ain’t no beats fool i ain’t no beta tool
over vampires and werewolfe you ginas all drool
letting their cocks touch your deep down stool
then you blame the betas in school
and transfer wealth for the bernanke gene pool
jonah goldberg sends our alphas 2 die on foreign shores
stuffing his face with dc pizza as they die in fiat wars
neocon womenz repeating butthexers lies in their mags
even after menopause and no need for da ragz
telling young chickas to lust after vampires
as they build their fiat empires

one cock rule one cock rule
i ain’t no fool i ain’t no tool
about another cock ya make me think
i’m gone, yo bitch,
let the betas buy yas yer next drink

let the betas pay to raise your bastard kids
let the betas sign teh fiat masters marriage contracts
theft in fiat inflation is hid
as they swing their bankrupting axe
i don’t care what last night u did,
ever since i kicked ya gina out, i been relaxed.

as they promote butthex across the land
ripping out fetuses from parenthood planned
as fathers form teh homes the neocons ban
the atalnatic authoresses just don’t undertsand

but when chix wakes up and her butt is sore
it’s not my fault no–it’s cause she’s a whore
as the fiat masters desoul women with butthex cock
teach them to transfer wealth with pre-teen strumpet rock

one cock rule one cock rule
i ain’t no fool i ain’t no tool
about another cock ya make me think
i’m gone, yo bitch,
let the betas buy yas yer next drink

womenz womenz bernanke took advanatge of you
you wasted your best years on vampires and werewolves
and now you cry your tears cause of your sore anus
stamp your little feet saying, “you betas must pay for this!!!”

and aging neocon women promoting butthexing vampires
teacxhing women to lust after the undead
as the neocons suck the western world dry
bankrupting it all,m enlsaving it debt
while selfish womenz at the atalnatic monthly
cry cry cry
cry cry cry
not for you or me
but for themselves
not for the 50,000,000 aborted souls
but for their dried up ginas and sore assholes
so many chances they had to marry a nice guy
but he left her dry
so whe butthexed with the asshole
and now see her cry
and wonder why
and transofrm the entire univeristy
into a program to further the fiat lie
to transfer wealth and wage war and death
to about fifty million more
and redefine fifty cocks in her ass as empowered
and not a whore

all together now!

lzozllzzl lozlzlz zlozozoz
lozlzl lzozozlz ozlzooz zlo9oo
lozlzlz ozlzoozl ozlzlzoz lzozlz zlzoz zlzozzlozlzozlo

one cock rule one cock rule
i ain’t no fool i ain’t no tool
about another cock ya make me think
i’m gone, yo bitch,
let the betas buy yas yer next drink
alreayd seen yer pink stink
bent ya over the sink

and howscomes the bankers southpark never does satarize
because everything is fair game–truth love honor–excpet for fiat butthexing lies.

all together now!

lzozllzzl lozlzlz zlozozoz
lozlzl lzozozlz ozlzooz zlo9oo
lozlzlz ozlzoozl ozlzlzoz lzozlz zlzoz zlzozzlozlzozlo


^^^^ to the 24 for or so tardbetadouches who voted my “one cock rule” rap down


what do ya want?

a two cock rule rap?

or three cock rule?

three cock rule, three cock rule,
i’m a beta herb my own cock won’t do
i need a chick to cuckold me
i need a chick on me to pee
three cock rule, three cock rule,
i love being the greater fool
one cock in her mouth, one in her anus,
i keep mine in my pants,
and pay her bills and rent and fare for da bus.
so she can club and grind, on denim cocks dance.
three cock rule, three cock rule,
i treat my lady like a nice guy,
give her chivarly while with 2 others she doth lie,
three cock rule, three cock rule,
while your cock doth touch her stool,
i play videogames @ home in my single mom’s basement,
as teh fed fianance feminsits studies @ school,
teaching her to love and bail out the butthexers,
to persucte me 4 letting her live 4 free,
while she tickles drummer/druggie cock until it goes
splooge splooge splooge! tee hee tee hee!
three cock rule, three cock rule,
i’m the beta herb, teh cuckholded fool,
i respect her, keep my cock in my pants,
fund her with other cocks to dance.


or would u betaherbs prefer a five cock rule rap! omg i bet someofya would like dat! lzozl




The Pity Party Is Over NSFW

tumblr_m24nledhlS1qbk0rto1_500 tumblr_mbl7ipBCLC1r9pf19o1_500 tumblr_mcenwekosF1qjo71uo1_500 tumblr_m7zedb7pLw1rsvzqao1_500 tumblr_m4mex0tiy41r4dn3uo1_500

That menstrual discharge that I called the last post disgusted me to my damn core. I’m surprised my dick didn’t recede into my body and leave a gaping vag in it’s wake. To those unfortunate few who read that filth, accept the above tokens of manliness to reconcile the difference. Woke up to push-ups, bacon, and Return of Kings. Legs still feel like linguini from the Jackknife Squats (only stage 2 progression in CC). Gonna run 3 miles in a few. I needed that feeling of disgust, I never want to feel that again. And I never want to share anything like that every again.

The Hottest Girl In the Club and How I Bitched Out

Way to go asshole
Way to go asshole

Ok, maybe she wasn’t the hottest girl there (and I’m still a little drunk), maybe a solid 8, but for the sake of full disclosure here we go. All of my friends left, at this relatively early point I’m flying solo (1:15 am) As I leave the bathroom I lock eyes with this slim, pretty. light skinned, spanish (she could be puerto rican, dominican, argentinian, etc… for all I know ) girl in a flower print blouse on the packed dance floor. This had to be at least the 3rd time I’ve seen her tonight and she’s always been dancing by herself in a crowd of people. Besides my bitch ass rationalizations, I felt bad for her. You could see the frustration on her face. (I mean wouldn’t you be confused and kind of angry if your ugly friends got more attention than you). I wondered why no guy has even attempted to dance with her, she doesn’t appear bitchy, no boyfriend, not drunk (maybe that’s the problem). There’s plenty of guys looking at her, and coincidentally I happen to be one of them. I’m slated to become one of my hated enemy, the ravenous pack of wall dwellers shielding themselves with their beer. As the lions vehemently hate the hyenas, I too hate this sect of bar culture. For the life of me I don’t know what stopped us and I’m sure a lot of guys will say “just approach brah”. As I smoked a cigarette outside she walked past me, alone, as her homely friend towed some lug home. We looked at each other again, she kept walking, I puffed the opportunity away.

I bitched out, plain and simple. It happens and I’m not afraid to admit it. I could have made this post a draft or private in an effort to get this off my chest, but fuck that. While I’ll forget about her before I even wake up today, I’ll say this. The old saying “rejection is better than regret” is true. Then again I’m somewhat drunk atm so take this for what it’s worth. Carpe Diem mofo’s.

Here’s You’re Motivation

The journey of self improvement and the road to success while well worth traveling are both littered with obstacles and setbacks. It gets disheartening at times, you start to second guess yourself and that creeping sense of failure/ dread/ lethargy creeps in. It’s important at these crucial junctures to remind yourself of why you started this trek and what you want at the end of it. Money, power, fame, sex, personal fulfillment, happiness (whatever that means), you can have it if you’re willing to sacrifice enough and stay true to your goal.

tumblr_mhinumIuNB1qe3zw0o1_500 tumblr_mh1g2aWdF11rqte1po1_500 tumblr_mgbtukge3u1qd6wl0o1_500 tumblr_mfwtliqRub1roly9io1_500 awesome_rooms_10 awesome_rooms_2 tumblr_mhg2kqhqfD1r21xm5o1_500

Before someone jumps down my throat calling me a shallow materialistic pos I’ll say this.  Yes I want to live in an aesthetically pleasing modern house, drive a fast sports car, and have beautiful women by my side, but I also want to be personally fulfilled, happy, healthy, have my friends/family well off, world peace, etc. Besides I can’t really photograph happiness and world peace so fuck that noise. Since I have so many pictures I would like to share with you all I’m going to make future posts categorized for you’re viewing pleasure (cars, awesome rooms/houses, beautiful women).