Fight Your Way Out Of A Slump: Youtube Edition

30 minutes before a presentation / interview / date and you don’t feel that familiar burning vigor stirring in your belly. Too little time for a quick gym pump or a Les Brown video, what can a man do in this short time? Besides positive affirmations, these are the quick videos that work for me, and I hope work for you too.

Fedor, the greatest MMA fighter to ever live, and my personal favorite. Watching this nondescript Russian pulverize everyone, regardless of size and strength into submission always gets me amped up. The perfect person to start this list, here are his opening words.

“Before the fight, I try to concentrate on my inner self, think about something I like. Whatever I do, I just try to think about good things, and that helps me. Everytime I win, all of these things, and all of these events, I was getting ready for them.”

Your in full go mode now champ. Remember “no pain, no pain, no pain”.

Finish strong by turning War up, closing your eyes, and visualizing success in the immediate endeavor ahead of you.

If you have a favorite routine to pump you up in 30 min or less, let us all know how you go about it in the comments below. Good luck and God bless.

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“When your out there partying, horsing around, someone out there at the same time is working hard, someone is getting smarter, and someone is winning. Just remember that.”


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Swords out, shields up men. This is your year, but no one is going to hand it to you. You’ll have to strain but there is an outstretched hand waiting for you on the other end. The only question is will you reach out far enough? H/T to all those consistently producing solid pieces, Wall St Playboys, Jose L. Romero, Kenny, Victor Pride, Heartiste, the RoK crew, Matt Forney, GBFM, Danger and Play, everyone on the Delusion Damage twitter, and everyone else in the sphere.





Accept The Help of Men Wiser Than Thou

Choice Quote: “The hierarchy of your values dictates your financial destiny”.


Choice Quote: “We are living through the humanization of business”.


Fitness and Health

Choice Quote: “It’s like a drug guys, Success is as addicting a drug as any chemical drug. It’s a high, it’s your endorphins released, naturally. You don’t need to shoot up for it, you don’t need to snort it, you just gotta sweat for it”.

Watch the rest of the Quotivation series.



“I need to get stronger”.

“No, I can do more”.


No quotes, just the baddest man on the planet dismantling every obstacle in his way.





Motivation: Lux Homes Edition


Every man needs a place to rest his head after a long day of bending the world to his will. A place to celebrate life’s joys with friends and family. A place to retreat to when it all threatens to overcome him.




A personal favorite

tumblr_m5ykegPnVA1rrbmg3o1_500 tumblr_mhinumIuNB1qe3zw0o1_500 tumblr_mh3ltmG2WW1qe3zw0o1_500 tumblr_lylghqwOga1qk9hrqo1_400


These images not only motivate but also inspire me. Someone envisioned the final structure, laid the plans, cleared the land, built the foundation, walls, floors, ceilings and infrastructure. Someone stared at the empty rooms and sought to turn a barren space into a home. Your ideal home doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive. As long as you’re happy with it and it serves it’s purpose.


Here’s You’re Motivation

The journey of self improvement and the road to success while well worth traveling are both littered with obstacles and setbacks. It gets disheartening at times, you start to second guess yourself and that creeping sense of failure/ dread/ lethargy creeps in. It’s important at these crucial junctures to remind yourself of why you started this trek and what you want at the end of it. Money, power, fame, sex, personal fulfillment, happiness (whatever that means), you can have it if you’re willing to sacrifice enough and stay true to your goal.

tumblr_mhinumIuNB1qe3zw0o1_500 tumblr_mh1g2aWdF11rqte1po1_500 tumblr_mgbtukge3u1qd6wl0o1_500 tumblr_mfwtliqRub1roly9io1_500 awesome_rooms_10 awesome_rooms_2 tumblr_mhg2kqhqfD1r21xm5o1_500

Before someone jumps down my throat calling me a shallow materialistic pos I’ll say this.  Yes I want to live in an aesthetically pleasing modern house, drive a fast sports car, and have beautiful women by my side, but I also want to be personally fulfilled, happy, healthy, have my friends/family well off, world peace, etc. Besides I can’t really photograph happiness and world peace so fuck that noise. Since I have so many pictures I would like to share with you all I’m going to make future posts categorized for you’re viewing pleasure (cars, awesome rooms/houses, beautiful women).

The List (A Work In Progress)


1) Cliff dive

  • a)  20 ft dive
  • -punch that snapping turtle in the mouth
  • b) 50 ft dive
  • c) 100ft dive

2) Surfing

  • a) Over waves
  • b) Through tunnels


3) Skydive

  • a) Certified (9 jumps)
  • b) Group Jump
  • c) Group Formation
  • d) Onto a helicopter

4) Learn to ride a motorcycle

  • a) Win a motorcycle race
  • b) Top 150 mph
  • c) Dirt Track Race
  • d) Quarter Mile
  • e) Professional Race
  • f) Ride across the country
  • g) Ride through South America, Europe, and Africa. Over massive desert sand dunes, through the raging arctic snows.
  • g) Live for a long time



5) Drive a manual transmission car

  • a) Dirt Track race
  • b) Quarter Mile
  • c) Drive through South America, Europe, and Africa.
  • d) Drive a 300, 400, 500 and 600+ hosepower car
  • e) Drift a 180 degree turn

6) Fly a helicopter

  • a) Get my license
  • b) Fly through the Grand Canyon

7) Basejump

  • a) Bridge
  • b) Canyon
  • c) Into a cave
  • d) Off a building
  • e) Off the tallest building
  • f) Wingsuit
  • g) Urban Wingsuit


8) Bungee Jump
9) Plant 1 tree a year

  • a) Plant one tree a month

10) Wake board

  • a) Paraglide
  • b) Water-ski
  • c) Jet-ski

11) Kayak

  • a) Lake
  • b) Ocean
  • c) Canyon
  • d) White Water
  • e) 50 ft+ cliff

12) Learn to Ski/ Snowboard

  • a) Black Diamond
  • b) Uncharted Mountain
  • c) Heli-ski/board


13) Become a Great Dancer

  • a) Breakdance
  • b) Kick some one in the face with Capoiera

14) Master a Musical Instrument

  • a) Write a song
  • b) Record a song

15) Buy a boat

  • a) Sail around the world


16) Learn to Juggle 3 things
17) Go to a rave

  • Death Metal show
  • Rap show
  • Rock show
  • Sing on karaoke night

18) Drugs

  • Weed
  • Coke
  • Shrooms
  • DMT
  • Ectasy

19) Get into a fight

  • Win
  • Lose
  • Draw

20) Live on Every Continent

  • Visit every country (flags included)
  • Visit every big city
  • Swim in every ocean
  • Party In Ibiza
  • Seven Old & New Wonders

21) Win in Vegas