Women Who Don’t Get Hit On (The Female Beta)

One of these things is not like the others…

Attractive women get the lion’s share of male attention, there is no disputing this. Don’t believe me, which girl above are you looking at?…  I thought so. The 8’s, 9’s, and rare 10’s captivate us, garnering compliments and secret stares from men wherever they go. The less attractive of the sex do not fare so well, I call them the female beta’s. There’s nothing wrong with them per se they’re just average in every way. The only time they come across genuine sexual interest is from some drunken knave who musters up enough liquid courage to approach her at last call. The average girl watches and secretly envies the attention paid to her attractive sisters. Multiple orbitors suitors laugh at her every comment, buy her drinks, and treat her snatch like it’s made of solid gold. The average in every way girl has never been approached by a dashing suave man during the daytime, if she is she stumbles just as a male beta would if approached by an attractive women.

All of us want better quality women, but in our haste we forget the majority of average women. I recently discovered this myself. My group and I required something that could only be had by dealing with a young college girl, a solid 6 on the scale. We were all dressed well for a business meeting, clean looking, and confident in our soon to be successful presentation. I approached the guardian with a charming smile, resonant voice, and light-heartedly flirted with her so we could procure what we needed. The look on her face was almost priceless. It was obvious she was interested, all the classic signs were there. Hair tosses and body alignment towards us when I walked towards her. Hair preening and straightening of posture to show me her neck and breasts. The blood rushed to her face and she began to blush, mind you this is still in the first 10 seconds of the interaction. When I asked her simple questions she stumbled on her words, looked down, and with a smile apologized for being tongue tied. Long story short, we ended up with what we needed. Once the panic of the approach was over she reverted back to a more feminine temperament I hadn’t seen before. She giggled as she left us to our own devices and held my eye contact with a coy smile over her shoulder as she walked away. As we left she gave me the soft eyes and waved as we faded away. I looked back as she giggled and blushed with her equally average co-workers circling her.


This girl had an average body, about 5’6 130 lbs. Dressed average (frumpy t-shirt and jeans) with a small amount of acne on her face, no makeup, and at first an androgynous demeanor  It was painfully obvious she had little experience of being hit on during the daytime. It made me think of all the women I never give second looks to through the day. The women at the post office, the cafeteria, the library. I deal with them daily, but my mind is on the cute blonde with the pink thong peeking out of her sweat pants, or the raven haired French exchange student with perky breasts who speaks breathy whispers in my ear. The average simply does not register in my mental. I shudder to think of how many opportunities I have missed because of it. Right now there are hundreds of millions of women dying for (quality) male attention. Heartiste has previously stated that high quality males are even rarer than high quality females, he flipped the script. These women pine after us, wishing we would just throw them some attention in the form of a throwaway line, a smile, or even a fleeting glance. Anything to distract them from the humdrum mediocrity of the daily grind.

Going deeper, it explains a lot of female nature. The reason they buy romance novels, the success of Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey, etc… They dream of a powerful man coming to rescue them from their boring lives. You can be that man, with a little work you can have your choice of the multitudes of average women waiting to be ravished. This goes double for the unfortunate ugly or obese women. These will latch onto any man that shows them the most remote kindness. With that said, there is no reason for any man to be forcibly alone/sexually frustrated. Which reminds me of an interesting little blurb posted on one of Heartiste’s articles. Here it is verbatim;

“3 kinds of women in world, and you can explain it in the parable of the fruit tree. There is the fruit that is already on the ground, not fit for human consumption, its free for all to enjoy, scavenged with ease. Then there’s the low hanging fruit, often sweet and enjoyable, but overtly ripe soon to fall to the ground but still edible.Then there is the firm barely ripened fruit at the top of the tree. Its sweet, its sticky, and its wet. One must climb with great effort with a high risk of fall. But should one fall there is always a bed of the soft rotten fruit to break your fall. Enjoy the fallen fruit but always seek fruit from the top of the tree. All fruit believes its at the top of the tree, its up you the harvester who must educate the fallen fruit where it truly lays. For even the rotted fruit, several inches below the surface of the earth believes its at the top of the tree”.

There you have it gentlemen, go forth and conquer. Memorize the above quote and pillage that lonely pussy that waits with bated breath for your triumphant entrance. Bask in the glow of women willing to worship at the feet of their prince who saved them from a life full of cats.

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