Great Books For Men Is Unfortunately Gone

Read GBFM’s One Cock Rule

GBFM has apparently been suspended by wordpress rather suddenly for undisclosed reasons. Thursday night he/she/they replied in typical long form to a comment I left there and come Friday morning the site was gone. A sad day indeed, for GBFM has proven to be one of my favorite writers in modern times.

Where once stood a sea of nihilistic game bloggers and churchians, GBFM carved out a niche where men looking to better themselves through scripture, literature, and moral virtue could find solace. Before I found Deep Strength and a few other blogs, his was the only one that exalted the teachings of Jesus, the values of honor, respect, and family, while also taking the time to provide a comprehensive list of books for men to read. Years ago I was one of fanboyz mashing buttonz in my basements, a PUA artsitsz trying to get my occkas wet in sterile bungholez and sterilized ginaholez made sterile by the fed’s before and morning after pillz. But his constant urgings to find the solutions to my problems in the great literature of our forefathers was one of the main reasons I started to not only read the Bible but also apply the teachings to my life.

Without further adieu, here is one of my favorite pieces he has penned.



The renaissance hath begun.

As Athena called Telemachus to adventure–to sail forth and learn the news of His True Father Odysseus, so too does GBFM call upon ye to man up, sail forth, and learn the news of your true Fathers.

Like Hamlet you came of age in a world where your father–THE GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN–had been murdered. Where they had been debauched, debased, bernenekfified out of the fiat-debt curriculum. And just as Hamlet’s Father called upon Him to Avenge his Death and Set the World Right, so too do I call upon all of ye buton-mashing gamersz and manboob betasz churchians to Man Up and Honor Your True Fathers.

Like Odysseus’s son Telemachus you came of age in a house occupied by false suitors trying to buttehxt your mom Penelope alongside your future wife, deosuling her faster than Bill Bennett can gamble away a million dollars in Vegas. You came of age in a home absent of your true Father–Odysseus and THE GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN.

Like Telemachus and Hamlet, you were born to know of your Fathers and do the work of your Fathers, as did Jesus. And like Jesus, you were born into a fallen world occupied by arrogant neeoconth Scribes and Pharisees, lorded over by intellectually-indifferent Pontius Pilates, ruled by mobs (and female prison wardensz lzozlz) who vote to set the murderer free, while sending Jesus to die upon the Cross.

But all of that was then, and This is Now.

Do not fail to Honor your Fathers by neglecting to live for the Classical, Epic Honor that so many of them not only Lived for, but Died For.

Do not turn away from the vast Gifts they bequeathed you with–THE GREAT BOOKS AND CLASSICS.

Begin today, begin today, all ye fanboyz mashing buttonz in your single-mom’s basements, all you PUA artsitsz trying to get your occkas wet in sterile bungholez and sterilized ginaholez made sterile by the fed’s before and morning after pillz. Begin today, all my fatherless, ritalin-addicted, gold-farming sons and READ the GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN.

Learn of the HONOR of your FATHERS form Achilles and Moses on down. The tiny-cckcoaaks white-knighting Churchians will scowl and stamp their feet and scream at you that Jesus cam to Abolish the Law, while Jesus himself stated that He came to Fulfill it.

When you were a child ye partook in childish things–in mashing buttons in your meaningless videogamez.

But now that you are a Man, it is time to Man Up, which does not mean marrying a babebrnekified beenrnakified butethxted, desouled, single monz, but reading THE GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN.

Begin today my firendz. BEGIINZ TODAYZ.

I propose that a renaissance in the Great Books and Classics is needed so as to re-instill a more traditional Code of Honor which will enrich the lives of men, women, and children, and liberate us all from the debt-financed debauchery, deconstruction, and debasement.

All men should begin immediately by reading the following books which the central bankers and their fellow churchians hate, fear, and detest:

1. Homer’s Iliad
2. Homer’s Odyssey
3. Exodus & Ecclesiastes & The Psalms
4. Virgil’s Aeneid
5. Socrates’ Apology
6. The Book of Matthew & Jefferson’s Bible
7. Plato’s Repulic
8. Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic
9. Aristotle’s Poetics
10. Dante’s Inferno
11. The Declaration of Independence
12. The Constitution
13. John Milton’s Paradise Lost
14. Shakespeare’s Hamlet
15. Newton’s Principia
16. Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations and Theory of Moral Sentiments
17. Henry David Thoreau’s Walden
18. Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn (& all of his work)
19. Shakespeare’s Hamlet
20. Ludwig von Mises’ A Theory of Money and Credit
21. F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom
22. Herman Melville’s Moby Dick
23. Einstein’s The Meaning of Relativity
24. Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces and The Power of Myth
25. Ron Paul’s Revolution & End the Fed

And as men are reading the Great Books for Men, they must start enacting their principles in the living world, so as to exalt our legal system and universities, for it is not enough to think and read, but virtue is ultimately defined by *action*.


Good luck to you GBFM, I wish you well.





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Swords out, shields up men. This is your year, but no one is going to hand it to you. You’ll have to strain but there is an outstretched hand waiting for you on the other end. The only question is will you reach out far enough? H/T to all those consistently producing solid pieces, Wall St Playboys, Jose L. Romero, Kenny, Victor Pride, Heartiste, the RoK crew, Matt Forney, GBFM, Danger and Play, everyone on the Delusion Damage twitter, and everyone else in the sphere.





Welcome Home Friend

You’re family has disowned you. Friends have abandoned you. Teammates have forsaken you. The seemingly never ending death spiral has finally ended at rock bottom. Alcohol and narcotics ease the pain for a short while. Self-harm makes you feel something again, even if that something is pain, and for that brief fleeting moment everything is right with the world. We know you’re pain, you are not alone. Whether it be a soul shearing divorce at the hands of you’re ex-wife, and you’re ensuing introduction to the demonic secret family courts. Or a false rape charge by a drunken slore. Maybe it’s a sexual harassment HR scandal or one of the other myriad minefields men face in the corporate battlefield day to day.

Regardless of you’re situation you can turn it around, and we will help you brother. As bad as you’re situation may seem, you are not the first to navigate through it. Both Jordan and Afor have survived toxic marriages, continuing to rebuild their lives while sharing their experiences with us. GBFM lays the blueprint for living a life of integrity and honor in an age of widespread deceit and decay through the great books. Victor Pride not only motivates but actually shows you how to build location independent passive income streams so you can reclaim you’re freedom. The list goes on, but I dare you to visit those sites and still feel despondent.

Wasn't joking about the classics. NIV version is lacking though.
Wasn’t joking about the classics. NIV version is lacking though.

This site extols the virtues of those mentioned. As I’ve previously stated, everything I do and everything I write is meant to help you navigate this life. True there may be some filler, but never any lies. I own my mistakes, as painful and embarrassing as they may be  More real-life experience posts are planned for the near future. Sky-diving, ocean kayaking, hiking the highest mountains in the Northeast U.S., how to navigate Vegas, realistic experiences with drugs and other vices, successful public speaking and much more. This life is not easy, but there is help from you’re brothers.


GBFM’s One Cock Rule


The venerable poet GBFM has graced the bernankifed desouled masses with another gem. I present his ode to The One Cock Rule and Three Cock Rule respectively.


OMG both of you betado9uches above are violating THE ONE COCK RULE!!!

You are alloowing chix to bring other COCKS into your mind lozlzlzzoz zlozllzl. The second a chick makes me think of another cock she is outta my house outta my mind or if she’s texting on a date which almost never happens because i almost never date i go “i gotta use the men’s room lzozlzl” and then i leave her with the bill. she can text her ten other cocks to comne over and pay for her drniks/dinner lzozlzlzllzlzlz and then,. after paying, they have full right to gizizizizizalizzz all over her lzozlz

“I’ve been seeing this girl for a year. We live together and I’ve still got hand.”

OMG lzozzlzll wtf are fuckity fucks doing with chix in your homes? lzozlzlzlz omg lozlzlzlzlzl looozers lzozlzlzlz1!! hzhzh



O U T OUT! lzozlzlzl

OMG lozlzlzozlozozolzl wft r u doing dating a chick 4 a yer did your dick fall off? Were yu chosen by Beernanke and given an award and medal to support today’s slutty slutt vampiressses cuckholders cockcutters?

sounds 2 me it is the latter as u have no cock lzozlzlzlzl lzzozl

and she made you think of another cock

fucktard haven’t u heard of the one cock rule?

let’s teach these douches somethin ’bout nbein a man yo!

throw a beat over this way.
yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo

now hit it!

one cock rule one cock rule
i ain’t no beta fool i ain’t no beta tool
about another cock ya make me think
i’m gone, yo bitch,
let the betas buy yas yer next drink

one cock rule one cock rule
i ain’t no beats fool i ain’t no beta tool
over vampires and werewolfe you ginas all drool
letting their cocks touch your deep down stool
then you blame the betas in school
and transfer wealth for the bernanke gene pool
jonah goldberg sends our alphas 2 die on foreign shores
stuffing his face with dc pizza as they die in fiat wars
neocon womenz repeating butthexers lies in their mags
even after menopause and no need for da ragz
telling young chickas to lust after vampires
as they build their fiat empires

one cock rule one cock rule
i ain’t no fool i ain’t no tool
about another cock ya make me think
i’m gone, yo bitch,
let the betas buy yas yer next drink

let the betas pay to raise your bastard kids
let the betas sign teh fiat masters marriage contracts
theft in fiat inflation is hid
as they swing their bankrupting axe
i don’t care what last night u did,
ever since i kicked ya gina out, i been relaxed.

as they promote butthex across the land
ripping out fetuses from parenthood planned
as fathers form teh homes the neocons ban
the atalnatic authoresses just don’t undertsand

but when chix wakes up and her butt is sore
it’s not my fault no–it’s cause she’s a whore
as the fiat masters desoul women with butthex cock
teach them to transfer wealth with pre-teen strumpet rock

one cock rule one cock rule
i ain’t no fool i ain’t no tool
about another cock ya make me think
i’m gone, yo bitch,
let the betas buy yas yer next drink

womenz womenz bernanke took advanatge of you
you wasted your best years on vampires and werewolves
and now you cry your tears cause of your sore anus
stamp your little feet saying, “you betas must pay for this!!!”

and aging neocon women promoting butthexing vampires
teacxhing women to lust after the undead
as the neocons suck the western world dry
bankrupting it all,m enlsaving it debt
while selfish womenz at the atalnatic monthly
cry cry cry
cry cry cry
not for you or me
but for themselves
not for the 50,000,000 aborted souls
but for their dried up ginas and sore assholes
so many chances they had to marry a nice guy
but he left her dry
so whe butthexed with the asshole
and now see her cry
and wonder why
and transofrm the entire univeristy
into a program to further the fiat lie
to transfer wealth and wage war and death
to about fifty million more
and redefine fifty cocks in her ass as empowered
and not a whore

all together now!

lzozllzzl lozlzlz zlozozoz
lozlzl lzozozlz ozlzooz zlo9oo
lozlzlz ozlzoozl ozlzlzoz lzozlz zlzoz zlzozzlozlzozlo

one cock rule one cock rule
i ain’t no fool i ain’t no tool
about another cock ya make me think
i’m gone, yo bitch,
let the betas buy yas yer next drink
alreayd seen yer pink stink
bent ya over the sink

and howscomes the bankers southpark never does satarize
because everything is fair game–truth love honor–excpet for fiat butthexing lies.

all together now!

lzozllzzl lozlzlz zlozozoz
lozlzl lzozozlz ozlzooz zlo9oo
lozlzlz ozlzoozl ozlzlzoz lzozlz zlzoz zlzozzlozlzozlo


^^^^ to the 24 for or so tardbetadouches who voted my “one cock rule” rap down


what do ya want?

a two cock rule rap?

or three cock rule?

three cock rule, three cock rule,
i’m a beta herb my own cock won’t do
i need a chick to cuckold me
i need a chick on me to pee
three cock rule, three cock rule,
i love being the greater fool
one cock in her mouth, one in her anus,
i keep mine in my pants,
and pay her bills and rent and fare for da bus.
so she can club and grind, on denim cocks dance.
three cock rule, three cock rule,
i treat my lady like a nice guy,
give her chivarly while with 2 others she doth lie,
three cock rule, three cock rule,
while your cock doth touch her stool,
i play videogames @ home in my single mom’s basement,
as teh fed fianance feminsits studies @ school,
teaching her to love and bail out the butthexers,
to persucte me 4 letting her live 4 free,
while she tickles drummer/druggie cock until it goes
splooge splooge splooge! tee hee tee hee!
three cock rule, three cock rule,
i’m the beta herb, teh cuckholded fool,
i respect her, keep my cock in my pants,
fund her with other cocks to dance.


or would u betaherbs prefer a five cock rule rap! omg i bet someofya would like dat! lzozl