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Choice Quote: “The hierarchy of your values dictates your financial destiny”.


Choice Quote: “We are living through the humanization of business”.


Fitness and Health

Choice Quote: “It’s like a drug guys, Success is as addicting a drug as any chemical drug. It’s a high, it’s your endorphins released, naturally. You don’t need to shoot up for it, you don’t need to snort it, you just gotta sweat for it”.

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“I need to get stronger”.

“No, I can do more”.


No quotes, just the baddest man on the planet dismantling every obstacle in his way.





Here’s You’re Motivation

The journey of self improvement and the road to success while well worth traveling are both littered with obstacles and setbacks. It gets disheartening at times, you start to second guess yourself and that creeping sense of failure/ dread/ lethargy creeps in. It’s important at these crucial junctures to remind yourself of why you started this trek and what you want at the end of it. Money, power, fame, sex, personal fulfillment, happiness (whatever that means), you can have it if you’re willing to sacrifice enough and stay true to your goal.

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Before someone jumps down my throat calling me a shallow materialistic pos I’ll say this.  Yes I want to live in an aesthetically pleasing modern house, drive a fast sports car, and have beautiful women by my side, but I also want to be personally fulfilled, happy, healthy, have my friends/family well off, world peace, etc. Besides I can’t really photograph happiness and world peace so fuck that noise. Since I have so many pictures I would like to share with you all I’m going to make future posts categorized for you’re viewing pleasure (cars, awesome rooms/houses, beautiful women).

Train Insane or Remain The Same; Week 1

Flip over to 1:07 and watch a 200+ lb Kai Green bust out multiple free handstand pushups.

When you start Convict Conditioning you soon learn that your midsection is becoming ridiculously powerful. While guys in the gym focus on the aesthetics of their abdominal muscles, you aim for the “six pack from hell” as Paul Wade puts it. This consists of not only developed abs but also all the muscles of the waist including the obliques, transversus, psoas, intercostals and serratus, and the functional power that goes along with that. The midsection is just as the name suggests, a midsection between your upper body and lower body and you’re training follows this simple maxim. There is no isolation in your body therefore there are no isolation exercises in the CC program.

Week 1 looked like this: (Bold is the movement type, italics is the progression step, asterics is my difficulty level)

Monday: Push-Ups; Wall Push-Ups 3×50 (Step 1 *Moderate)

Leg Raises; Knee-ups 3×45 (Step 1 *Core Murder)

Wednesday: Pull-Ups; Vertical Pulls 3×40 (Step 1 *Easy)

Squats; Shoulderstand Squats 3×50 (Step 1 Bloody Fucking Murder)

Friday: Handstand Push-Ups; Wall Headstand 2 min (Step 1 *Moderate, warm up neck well beforehand)

Bridges; Short Bridges 3×50 (Step 1 *Easy)


Proper form and good breathing technique are key, if you don’t use those two then you’re only cheating yourself. For instance, keeping your feet together when performing wall push-ups, knee-ups, and shoulderstand squats gets your core burning in a fucking hurry. Exhaling on the push and inhaling on the pull is beyond necessary in the later reps. That’s the beauty of the program, most of us can jump straight to step 5: Full Push-Ups and beast those out, but if you start at step one on the wall you ensure you have perfect form when you get to them.

NO machines, NO supplements, No problem.

Convict Conditioning


After finishing up my previous 6 week weight lifting program earlier this week I’ve decided on Convict Conditioning to be my next guide. After reading through the first 40 pgs or so I’m willing to put Paul “Coach” Wade’s book to the test. Despite all the attention paid to finding out his real name and identity the program is arguably one of the most accessible routes to increased strength. Based on bodyweight exercises and advanced calisthenics you can do it anywhere free of gym’s and machines. I see merit in his arguments from my own lifting experience. Injuries happen to every lifter regardless of proper form, due in part to unnatural movements and weight that the body is just not meant to handle. I start the Good Behavior program today and will provide updates weekly.


Along with a flowchart to track your progression.

*Update*: I completed the Friday workout.

Handstand Pushup; Step 1 Wall Headstands 2×30 sec

Bridge:Step 1 Short Bridges 2×25