Fight Your Way Out Of A Slump: Youtube Edition

30 minutes before a presentation / interview / date and you don’t feel that familiar burning vigor stirring in your belly. Too little time for a quick gym pump or a Les Brown video, what can a man do in this short time? Besides positive affirmations, these are the quick videos that work for me, and I hope work for you too.

Fedor, the greatest MMA fighter to ever live, and my personal favorite. Watching this nondescript Russian pulverize everyone, regardless of size and strength into submission always gets me amped up. The perfect person to start this list, here are his opening words.

“Before the fight, I try to concentrate on my inner self, think about something I like. Whatever I do, I just try to think about good things, and that helps me. Everytime I win, all of these things, and all of these events, I was getting ready for them.”

Your in full go mode now champ. Remember “no pain, no pain, no pain”.

Finish strong by turning War up, closing your eyes, and visualizing success in the immediate endeavor ahead of you.

If you have a favorite routine to pump you up in 30 min or less, let us all know how you go about it in the comments below. Good luck and God bless.