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“You can’t be paralyzed by fear or failure, or you will never push yourself.”


Redpiller1985 posted an interesting article yesterday over on RoK that shined a light into the dark recesses of the “omega” (I hesitate to use the familiar alpha / beta / sigma dichotomy) male yesterday which caught my attention. I felt that in order to understand my comment some context must be provided lest I be labeled intolerant or worse.

Here is my comment:

First off fuck these losers, they provide NOTHING of value to society and receive all the benefits (welfare, safety, food, etc…) They are not “harmless” as some have suggested, and deserve all of societies scorn and derision for being the leeches they are. Can you imagine the audacity of these losers to publicly vent their hatred for the regular people who provide everything for them? Besides the obvious they also harm society in another more subtle way.

I weep for the plight of the parents. From the first time a man holds his infant son he imagines the great things he can accomplish as he grows. Playing sports, gaining an education, forming a semblance of personality and the great things adult life brings. He hopes this child will provide value to society and maybe become a pillar to his community, helping those in need by assuming the role of a leader both in community and his own family. Truly the future of the child is boundless and uninhibited.

Years later the father watches his son fail miserably socially and professionally in his teenage years. It is a phase, soon to pass he silently hopes. Yet the years pass and while men are forged through these trials and tribulations, his son retreats from them. The son grows physically weak and adopts the mindset of an abject failure unusual for is age. He blames his shortcomings on “personality disorders, childhood traumas, depression, anhedonia, ugliness, social retardation or low ability” (lol). Cynicism and a nihilistic outlook replace the once bright eyes and the father wonders if he himself is to blame. The pathetic incel is disgusted with the world and us “normalscum”, but it does not match the disgust his father holds for him. How does the father face his friends and family knowing his son, his own flesh and blood, is cloistered in his room proudly extolling the virtues(?) of social awkwardness, virginity, and overall faggotry? The pathetic incel neither knows nor cares, he selfishly jerks off to hentai and leeches off welfare, never growing out of the teenage angst phase.

Fuck these losers, fuck them all.


My comment yesterday may sound harsh, I admit it was but as this is a self-development site I disdain men who give up and settle so overtly for peanuts, blame the world, claim victim status, etc… At the same time I can speak on this authoritatively because I have waded through the same cesspool of self-doubt, insecurity, and problems these men have and I made it through. If I didn’t this site wouldn’t exist and I would have never found the sphere. You know what I do when I’m not satisfied with my life? I change shit. It’s that simple, it’s my life, I call the shots. I stopped smoking weed completely 11 months ago, I lift heavy in the gym religiously 3-4 days a week, and I’m a few days away from 2 months without any porn whatsoever. I work 12 hrs and go stick my dick into my town’s nightlife solo dolo year round. I didn’t make these changes all together and yes I did struggle with all of them. You take pieces out and put new pieces in until you find what works for you, that’s the only advice you need. Are people surprised when I tell them I do not watch porn or smoke weed and plan to hit the scene alone, yes, but then again most people are unhappy with their life. If someone isn’t where you want to be then don’t listen to their advice, the same way you wouldn’t take investment advice from a homeless prostitute (crack is always in demand and maintains a steady market value though…)

My words were pointed but in real life I would be the first to befriend them and help on the path to discovery. Sometimes people need to have the knife twisted into their cerebellum though. They have enough of a pity party circle jerk on their forum with the asinine rules of don’t bring up sexual relations, don’t talk about anything unrelated to being a incel hermit, and my personal favorite rule don’t create an echo chamber, apparently the hypocrisy is lost on them. I still stand by words from a place of experience, fuck you and you’re problems, the world doesn’t give two shits about you and you must forge your character through the shitstorm like the rest of us. Don’t blame the rest of society for you’re shortcomings.

Coincidentally on the same day, Science Daily posted this article titled “Repeatedly Exposing Yourself to a Negative Event May Prevent It from Affecting You”. (Well fancy that, who woulda thunk it.) After you read that browse through Emerson’s Self-Reliance and take a shot of Robert Green’s and 50 Cent’s The 50th Law.



Success Principle: Temper Your Expectations


Setting realistic goals is a valuable but difficult task for any ambitious soul. Ambition and motivation will mess with you and say you can be flying down I95 in that $4 million Veneno in two years time while you struggle to jump-start you’re 97 Mercury Tracer. Stories of the overnight millionaire and kids who hit it big in their 20’s are exceedingly rare despite the MSM’s insistence that it happens all the time.

People have a vision of “the life” in their mind’s. You know what it generally looks like, a fast car, attractive spouse, spacious house with every amenity, interesting friends, large bankroll, etc… What they don’t realize is that those things are loosely connected at best and don’t come in a nice neat little package. In a nutshell; you can have the money to buy a Ferrari but no have idea how to control 700 hp to the rear wheels. As they say the skills don’t come with the money. You could have the bankroll but the personality of a drunk sloth, guess what you have no friends or significant other. Or you have charisma in spades but no liquid capital, the examples go on forever. Forget that bullshit mindset “money buys happiness” and start setting specific goals in each area of you’re life. If you start from the bottom there is no place for pride in this process.



You want to attract supermodels into your life but can’t approach women alone/sober/at all. Maybe you’ve never been in a relationship or maybe you do well with average looking women. Take positive steps, small at first to work your way up. Start a relationship with an avg chick or one who is below the threshold. Learn the ins and outs of the female mind (through experience not blogs) and build up from there. Trade up when you feel comfortable or start a soft harem. Everyone has different sticking points and it’s impossible to cover them all in a paragraph, most likely you know what you need to do, just do it already.

Pro-tip: Game + Access= Win. If you don’t travel in the same circles as her, you’re gonna be gaming your hand at the end of the night.



Minimum wage slave with big dreams. Focus on doubling your income in the next 2-3 yrs. The lower you start the easier this is i.e… you make $7 an hr currently and a quick craigslist search finds numerous jobs paying at least $14. It gets harder when you bank $500,000 already but not impossible, it just takes a sharper mind and a little ingenuity.

Keep the grand vision in the back of your mind and set small manageable goals daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. This is a marathon not a sprint.


Live Truly and See Truly: The Super Spartan Race

“Live truly and see truly” is a fantastic quote from Emerson’s essay Self-Reliance, which is worth a post itself. This quote will be attached to all further experience related posts for the simple fact that men must forcibly forge and temper themselves through the myriad of life’s of events and encounters. Until you live that way you will see only bullshit and spout excuses.

The Super Spartan Race is the second level race in the Trifecta. Longer than the Sprint (3-4 mi) but shorter than the Beast (13-15 mi) the Super clocks in at roughly 8 miles and provides you with you’re blue medal to accompany the previous red from the Sprint. Competitive times were in the 1:45 hr range, average around 3:30


The Super is provides a steeper challenge than the Sprint not only because of the distance but the added obstacles and weather. We ran the Sprint in balmy June with 90 degrees of sun at our backs. The Super instead was ran in early September with a slight chill to the air, needless to say our attitudes toward the water obstacles took a turn.

The pre-race procedure stays the same as the Sprint. Bib numbers, ID’s, and waivers. Put on the waiver and headband then stretch. Approach the pen and wish your fellow racers good luck, the next few hours are going to test you all. In Spartan fashion the race starts with a one mile slog up the mountain that will make a few lose their lunch on the side of the trail. It is important to pace yourself for the distance, and will not necessary we recommend some sort of hydration device whether it be a CamelBak or fuel belt. All of the obstacles from the Sprint are back such as the vertical rope climb (25 ft ish), sandbag carry, rock pull, Hercules Hoist, and the death of all things sacred Spear Toss. A new addition was the Atlas Carry which consists of picking up a 60 lb block, carrying it about 20 ft, dropping it to do 10 burpees and carrying it back. The obstacles that bested me this time were the traverse wall, spear toss, and uneven wood blocks.

Overall a fun race which helps you prep for the Beast but still remains in a completely different league from it. We ran the Beast two weeks later, and you will soon see why we say that. Until then keep looking for challenges to best, whether they be professional or personal, never give up the fight. Riches and bitches await the few who persist but the road, like the treacherous terrain of the Spartan races best the unwary.

Welcome Home Friend

You’re family has disowned you. Friends have abandoned you. Teammates have forsaken you. The seemingly never ending death spiral has finally ended at rock bottom. Alcohol and narcotics ease the pain for a short while. Self-harm makes you feel something again, even if that something is pain, and for that brief fleeting moment everything is right with the world. We know you’re pain, you are not alone. Whether it be a soul shearing divorce at the hands of you’re ex-wife, and you’re ensuing introduction to the demonic secret family courts. Or a false rape charge by a drunken slore. Maybe it’s a sexual harassment HR scandal or one of the other myriad minefields men face in the corporate battlefield day to day.

Regardless of you’re situation you can turn it around, and we will help you brother. As bad as you’re situation may seem, you are not the first to navigate through it. Both Jordan and Afor have survived toxic marriages, continuing to rebuild their lives while sharing their experiences with us. GBFM lays the blueprint for living a life of integrity and honor in an age of widespread deceit and decay through the great books. Victor Pride not only motivates but actually shows you how to build location independent passive income streams so you can reclaim you’re freedom. The list goes on, but I dare you to visit those sites and still feel despondent.

Wasn't joking about the classics. NIV version is lacking though.
Wasn’t joking about the classics. NIV version is lacking though.

This site extols the virtues of those mentioned. As I’ve previously stated, everything I do and everything I write is meant to help you navigate this life. True there may be some filler, but never any lies. I own my mistakes, as painful and embarrassing as they may be  More real-life experience posts are planned for the near future. Sky-diving, ocean kayaking, hiking the highest mountains in the Northeast U.S., how to navigate Vegas, realistic experiences with drugs and other vices, successful public speaking and much more. This life is not easy, but there is help from you’re brothers.


Accept The Help of Men Wiser Than Thou

Choice Quote: “The hierarchy of your values dictates your financial destiny”.


Choice Quote: “We are living through the humanization of business”.


Fitness and Health

Choice Quote: “It’s like a drug guys, Success is as addicting a drug as any chemical drug. It’s a high, it’s your endorphins released, naturally. You don’t need to shoot up for it, you don’t need to snort it, you just gotta sweat for it”.

Watch the rest of the Quotivation series.



“I need to get stronger”.

“No, I can do more”.


No quotes, just the baddest man on the planet dismantling every obstacle in his way.





Dirty Girls and Glory: The 2013 Tri-State Spartan Sprint


Bloodied, muddied, gasping for air, yet a smile permeates the layers of grime caked to our faces. The same as last year, I ran the (2013) Tri-State Spartan Sprint again this June and had even more fun this time around.

My compatriot from the Warrior Dash, Mt Marcy, and Mt Washington climbs (those articles coming soon) joined me for the race and volunteer shift that preceded. Volunteering for an 8 hour shift waives the admission fee (about $100 depending on when you register), while registering for a 12 hour nets you free admission plus $50. We chose the 8 hr shift, which can be fun in itself. Man the obstacles, work the water stations, register participants at the front desk, nothing too outlandish. You get a free lunch which isn’t too bad either.

Anyway, race time approaches and you line up in the pen waiting for the gun to go off. Smoke grenades and motivational speeches gently assault your senses as everyone prepares for the ensuing chaos. Choose your starting position in the pen wisely, if you’re a confident sprinter start front and center so you don’t trip on those slower. Likewise if you prefer a more leisurely trot start farther back in the pack and stay out of my way (kidding, not really). Steel yourself, once the gun sounds you get to revel in the majesty of running up a ski mountain rippled with jagged rocks.

They take your pictue when you jump the fire, try not to look like you shit your shorts.
They take your picture when you jump the fire, try not to look like you shit your shorts.

The toughest obstacle is the terrain itself. Tuxedo Ridge where the race was held is a ski mountain in the winter, so you can imagine the hill climbs to be brutal. They sap your strength quickly and most end up walking them to conserve energy. The obstacles range from laughably easy (knee high walls) to moderately frustrating (spear toss / rope climb / horizontal climbing wall) to “why did I sign up for this” levels (12 ft wall / barb wire crawl) for most people. Personally the only one I really badly botched was the spear toss. The obstacles most couldn’t complete were the one opportunity and done one’s such as the monkey bars, horizontal climbing wall, rope climb, and fucking spear toss, etc…For each obstacle failed you have to do 30 soul shredding burpees before you progress. The other obstacles like the sandbag carry, tire pull, 4 ft, 8 ft, and 12 ft vertical walls are literally in your way and you have to complete them to continue. Help from your fellow racers is abundant and readily apparent at the vertical walls and cargo net climb where you can get a boost if you need it. With that said it is immensely satisfying to make the 12 ft wall your proverbial bitch by climbing it with nothing but a running start and some willpower.

While the Sprint is the easiest Spartan race at only 4 miles it is not without some danger of injury. Cuts and bruises abound, some broke fingers, twisted ankles, dislocated joints and such. It’s a mud run after all and you have to carefully watch each step. We escaped again with only minor cuts (mostly from the rocks we dragged ourselves over for the barb wire crawl).

Don't let her see you fall off the cargo net.
Don’t let her see you fall off the cargo net.

The race, environment, and people are all ridiculously fun and enjoyable. The groups of attractive fit women aplenty, getting dirty, getting wild and looking for excitement for a weekend will keep you occupied.Starting a conversation couldn’t be easier since they’re costumed as the Justice League or Doctor Seuss characters. Really it’s open season if you run tight game. We’re big on the idea that you need to surround yourself with people that you want to be with instead of sitting behind a keyboard claiming “there’s no good women/men left”. These races bring out all of the people we love, outgoing, fit, and open to new experiences, if this describes you you’ll fit right in. If you like bookish quiet women go to a library, if you want club rats hit the Jersey Shore, just please stop complaining. The teams are hilarious and this race, while a step up from the Warrior Dash is still easy enough to finish without dedicated training. Contestants from the television show The Biggest Loser ran the course and I think it was an episode if that means anything for you. If you’re looking for a bigger challenge join us in September when we aim for the coveted Trifecta medal with the 8 mile Spartan Super and then 16 mile Spartan Beast in Vermont. See you at the finish line Spartans.

I walk around the office with nothing but these on. Champion status.
I walk around the office with nothing but these on. Champion status.

Style is for Men, Fashion is effeminate losers.


Style does not make you a metrosexual or effeminate. Following fashion and trends does. This is style…

Frankie S moments before he impregnated you’re gf with a stare.

While this is what passes for fashion…

Old man in background thinking we should nuke Japan again and start over.

Style isn’t hard to master, listen to Bukowski’s poem Style set to music then read this entertaining post we stole from and you’re already there. I’ve highlighted the key parts if only have time to quickly fly through.

*Edit*- NBA players wearing giant glasses, bowties, and suspenders does not constitute style. Their trying to run some half-assed conflict game like “hey girl I may be a basketball player but I’m also an intellectual”. Dude you’re a giant that throws a rubber ball through a metal hoop for my amusement, end of story.

(Emphasis is mine)

How To Dress Like a Man

by Jeffrey A. Tucker
by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Guys, here is your one-article guide to dressing, based on many years in the rag business and a lifetime of observing the sheer ubiquity of error.

There are two general types of men’s clothing.

First, there are clothes for public consumption: clothing in which to present yourself to others and thereby convey an elevated message about yourself. These are types of clothes you wear to work, to the store, out on the town, at a wedding, at church, at parties, or wherever people are going to see you. The primary objective here is that you look presentable, that you are civilized, a gentleman and not a beast.

The other type of clothing is that which serves a pure functional purpose: that is, that which you wear for yard work, fixing your car, an evening at home, a Saturday washing the house or cleaning, or just knocking around the park with kids. Everyone knows what type of clothes these are. They can all be bought at Wal-Mart or thrift stores, and they are made of cotton.

The great dressing error of our time is to confuse the two. Or more precisely: people think that it is perfectly okay to present yourself to others in clothes which serve a purely functional purpose. They say this is fine because it is comfortable — as if the only thing that matters in life is comfort. Well, it is also comfortable not to shave and not to bathe, and we have a word for people like that: slobs. If you don’t want to be a slob, you have to live with a bit of discomfort.

If men could absorb that simple lesson, the world would be a much more beautiful place in which to live. Elevated dressing causes people to behave better. Crime might fall. Manners would begin to come back. People might clean up their language. They might listen to better music and read better books. Something resembling civilization might return.

Now the next step: how do you look presentable? For a man, it is a snap. Your full wardrobe need not take up more than 12 to 18 inches of closet space. You need:

  • one or two suits in blue or grey
  • a blue or black jacket or sports coat
  • a jacket for summer (khaki or blue cotton or, if you want to be really fancy, seersucker)
  • a tweed jacket for winter
  • year-round grey wool trousers (light or dark or both)
  • a few pairs of khakis
  • 3 white and 3 blue shirts
  • a selection of ties

That’s all. That will get you through a lifetime, replacing them with something similar when these wear out. Mix as necessary. If you have chosen well, just about any jacket will go with your trousers. Just about any shirt will go with any jacket. Ties should be chosen with an eye to color, making sure that the tie stands out and does blend in with either jacket or shirt or trousers. Men’s clothes should not “match”; they should go together, which is something else entirely.

But, you say, I’ll look the same all the time! Right. This conveys an impression that you are a wise and stable person, not prone to flights of fancy and fits of fashion. There is a practical aspect here. You don’t really want to wear clothes that cause people to comment: hey, that is a really nice forest-green, window-pane, double-breasted, peak-lapel, side-vent hunting jacket with leather patches! The next time you wear it, the comment will be: oh, you wore that last week! No, you don’t really want people to zero in on your clothes as if they have an existence apart from you and your character. Clothes should not make the man; they should be the man.

As for adjustments, there are many things you can do to vary your wardrobe. The main trick here is obvious: you can switch ties around (only two knots are permissible: the four-in-hand or the half Windsor.) You can wear suspenders. You can have button-down shirts or plain collars. You can stick a linen handkerchief in your pocket. You can add a hat. All these things can make a world of difference, and make you look just different enough to make it appear that you have a huge wardrobe but not so different day to day that you come across as a loon.

Is this an expensive undertaking? Not in any way. Unless you have some size issue at work, most of this can be purchased at a thrift store. The other day I bought a pair of grey wool trousers and olive wool trousers at $3 a piece. The same items were available at a local men’s shop for $90 and up. Down with retail! Sports coats are the same: unless you have some size issue to deal with, most are available at thrift stores. Shirts? Same. A buck a piece. Another option is the wonderful shirts from Lands End. Why spend $65 for a Gitman when you can spend $25 at Lands End?

Note that wearing a sports coat is not dressing up. A sports coat and trousers are casual wear. It is mostly what you should be wearing to light parties, most jobs, to the store. It is perfectly presentable for public consumption. But do not be deceived into thinking that you are “dressing up” when you wear them. A sports coat and trousers are the official uniform of a man who is just going about the business of life. When someone says, come casual!, this is what you wear.

Jackets can have two, three, or four buttons. They can have side vents, center vents, or no vents at all. Avoid double breasted until you have everything else. Americans do not wear hard-shoulders! Nor do Americans wear those crazy drop-lapel sexy-style models that Bill Clinton wore. Do not buy these under any circumstances. They are ridiculous. Finally, always prefer natural fibers over synthetics.

Suits are trickier. You can get them at thrift stores, but they are harder to come by. You can also see Ebay, which has an amazing selection of suits that you can buy for $20 and up. If this doesn’t work, you have to go retail, and here you have to spend $450 and up for a decent suit. The worst thing to do is go to a department store and buy a $200 suit from the likes of JC Penny. These look horrible and they will fall apart. If you can’t go thrift or Ebay, prepare to spend. It is worth it. A special note for older men: wear suits most or all of the time, and always ties. Ultimately, it is the only thing an older man looks good in.

If you are wearing a suit, you are dressed up but you are not formal. For formal wear, you need a dinner jacket and black tie. That is another subject entirely. These days, most people don’t need formal clothing. If you do need it once or twice in a year, it is worth it to buy the whole package. Don’t spend a lot of money! In formal occasions, guys all look the same anyway, and you don’t wear it enough to wear it out. You can get away with spending $150 in some discount formal shop. But I digress.

On shoes, there are only two brands that qualify as quality shoes: Allen Edmonds and Alden. All others are junk. Good shoes are expensive. Prepare to pay. The best possible shoe is the shell cordovan from Alden, starting at $440 and up. So it is. They last a lifetime. If you don’t have the money, go to the military supply store and pay $10 for some used military oxfords. They look great! Ultimately, you need: a black shoe, a burgundy shoe, and a casual shoe (this, again, leaves aside shoes that go with functional wear). That’s all. As for loafers, they are aptly named. The normative men’s shoe should have laces.

This takes us to the issue of fit. Most people buy their shoes too small. Get a half size bigger than you think. Shoes should not hurt your feet. Don’t believe your shoe will stretch. It should be right when you wear it out of the store.

Fitting a shirt is not hard. Measure your neck with a tape measure. A shirt should not be too loose around the neck (you should not be able to stick your whole hand in your collar!) nor should it be too tight (when you turn your head, your shirt should not turn with it). The sleeve length should be such that the cuff hits that bone at the top of your hand some 4 inches above your thumb.

Do I really need to say it? No short-sleeve “dress shirts” in public, ever! Also, do I really need to say this? Shirts are not supposed to be worn against the skin. Wear a T-shirt, please.

Jackets: most men wear them too tight! Resist the temptation to get them taken in. They should be loose and comfortable. Jacket sleeve length: men tend to wear them too long! One-quarter to one-half inch of your shirt cuff should show below the jacket. You should measure this standing in place.

It doesn’t matter what your life activities are: fit is fit! I once had a drummer tell me that he needs his jacket sleeves long in order for them to look right as he plays his cymbals. Well, if so, I should make mine long to change a lightbulb! This is nonsense. There is only one way a jacket fits: properly.

Trousers: they are not supposed to fit like jeans! They are supposed to be loose and even bellowy by blue-jean standards. Do not have the seat taken in. Do not have the back leg taken in. Just wear them as they come. The length of leg should hit the top of your shoe. It should not break too much. Cuffs should be 1.5 inches, no less. Older men can get away with larger cuffs but not younger men.

Socks: nothing fancy, please! They should be blue, black, grey, or tan. Anything else, like argyles or other patterns, is too fussy for a gentleman. They conjure up an image of a guy rifling through a sock drawer try to find just the right sock for the occasion. This is an awful image. Socks should appear to be put on without any effort or thought. But: never wear a sock that is a lighter color than your jacket. No time to explain why. Just trust me on this point.

Finally, never underestimate the power of the iron. The iron is the ultimate tool for dressing well. It puts the crease in your trousers and takes the wrinkles out of your jackets. It flattens the placket on your shirt and puts a point in the cuffs of your pants. Your iron should come out frequently, almost daily in fact. If you are not ironing, you are not dressing well.

Yes, there is much more to say, but this article contains just about all you will ever need to know to look better than most every man in the world. Follow my advice and do your part to save civilization.



Why Men Should Sexually Discriminate

“I feel like her hip bones are too big”

“Pimple problems, you’ll have to fix that.”

“She’s nothing special, but maybe something will come up.”

“She looks like she’s 25 already, it could be a problem.”

Some things said about young women like these…


in the movie Girl Model. Far from the internet nerd rage sperglings suffering from pointy elbows syndrome, these comments come from a vetted model scout looking at highly attractive women in their prime. If you have any inkling of red pill in you, there’s a good laugh to be had watching the head model scout critique these women. This movie is only 77 minutes long but provides numerous takeaways for men looking to develop discriminating tastes and bed beautiful (lingerie model quality) women. I’ll highlight a few for us here.

In the first five minutes we watch the model scout spout those gems to arguably some of the most attractive women in Eastern Europe. The Japanese market they hope to model in prizes slim, petite figures, beautiful smooth faces, and above all youth. Some of those auditioning are as young as 13 (they must pretend they are at least 15) while the upper limits are about 23, coincidentally the same age range men worldwide attribute with beauty (cue misguided feminist rage). The scout has game in spades and it shows. The pimple comment was directed to a girl who would be a hard 8 here in the U.S. and I could only imagine the quality of ass this guy must pull. The trope “act as if” is always good to live by, and you should act as if you were this model scout. But this is his job you might say, true but how many men can deliver that line with a cocky yet dismissive tone, not many I bet. Most manginas would rush to her aid, plaster and chisel in hand to build her a pedestal to raise her to the heavens. This scene alone, only 5 minutes in is worth the watch.

Secondly, it shows how impoverished these girls really are. Nadya, the film’s protagonist lives in a small ramshackle cabin with her family in Russia. Besides school she picks cabbages and talks with her grandmother for fun. No cellphones, one computer, and a whole lot of cabbages. Quite different from the wimminz of America twerking away their education. To be short, they live average lives like the rest of the population. There is no fundamental difference between them and anyone else. Instead they have to rely on being feminine, sexy, and attractive, to land a good husband who won’t beat them in a vodka induced alcoholic rage. 99% of these girls did not make the cut and returned to their village empty handed and will probably farm cabbages for the rest of their lives. Their natural beauty is for naught.

Daria Konovalova
Daria Konovalova

Third, the modeling / fashion industry is more cut-throat than I thought. One of the girls gained 2 cm on her waist size and was sent home ($2,000 in debt to the agency). That is some hardcore quality control. Think about that the next time some pug faced fattie tells you she’s a model.

Fourth, models are crazy just like every other chick you will meet. Ashley, a 32 yr old former model turned model scout (when the wall approached) keeps these toy babies in her house in lieu of other family or pets. She talks to them, caresses them, and otherwise treats them like real children. Listening to her rationalize her age-related removal decision to walk away from modeling is humorous in itself.  She also secretly photographs the models beneath the table while she interviews them and stores the pics in a shoebox. Now if that was a man that would be all sort of criminal charges, but she freely admits it and even shows them. She then shows us pictures of the hairy ulcer removed from her gut. Bitches be crazy.

In closing, watch this movie. Currently streaming on Netflix it is well worth it. The first five minutes alone will change your perception of feminine beauty, helping you become a better critic and raising your standards.. The dolled up humanoid troll known as Nicki Minaj will hold no sway over you. The exceedingly average Selena Gomez and her ilk cannot hold a candle to even the least attractive EE chicks in this film. You must become nonreactive to beauty, this film is a crash course. Enjoy your new eyes.

Miss Russia 2012

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“Human Needs Before Corporate Creed”


“Get back in your cages, they are telling us. Return to watching the lies, absurdities, trivia, celebrity gossip, and political theater we feed you in twenty-four hour cycles on television. Invest your emotional energy in the vast system of popular entertainment. Run up your credit card debt. Pay your loans. Be grateful for the scraps we toss. Chant back to us our platitudes about democracy, greatness, and freedom. Vote in our rigged corporate elections. Send your young men and women to fight and die in useless, unwinnable wars that provide huge profits for corporations. Stand by mutely as our legislators plunge us into a society without basic social services while Wall Street speculators loot and pillage.”

-Chris Hedges

Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

**To the blogger who dropped me a comment about guest posting on their site, unfortunately you’re comment was lost in the spam bin. Drop another comment or email and I’ll get back to you.**

A Simple Way To Not Pedastalize Women


Hangover. The word used to instill dread in my mind. Pounding headache, upset stomach, and all the other lovely after effects of a night well spent. But no longer does a hangover bother me, truth be told you can run some of your best game in this state. It led to receiving my 2nd pseudo marriage proposal of the year.

The degree to which you are hungover is extremely important. What were looking for is a “clean” hangover opposed to a dirty one. Clean implies minimal physical effects while still providing the desired mental state. The key is to drink at least two glasses of water before you go to sleep (if you have not been drinking water in between drinks) From my experience this is what it looks like.

  • Positive but world weary.
  • Tired: slower speech, talk less, mind cannot work overtime to pedastalize.
  • Voice is usually deeper.

Hard to explain, but most of you have felt a clean hangover before. It helps if you truly left it all out there last night, as I did the night before this story. The first time I found this out was last year when a good family friend and his kids visited my parents. The daughter was a cute 18 year old who I had met a few times previous but barely knew. In my hungover state all I did was make fun of Eli Manning’s weird face for my own amusement as we watched the game. Long story short I refuse to do anything for her and half seriously / joking call her useless for not learning to ride a bike or even have a drivers permit. Of course she likes it, every cute girl loves when you bust their chops and regard them as you’re bratty younger sister. Fast forward 30 minutes as we’re all sitting around the table for lunch she looks me dead in the eye and asks me if I want to get married. I spouted of a joking dismissal, but she was actually serious (as serious as an 18 year old girl can get). The air is sucked out of the room, everyone looks at me like I suddenly grew a dick out of my forehead.

Remember that scene? Ethan Hawke thinks the team is joking when they try to give him his cut. Turns out they weren’t kidding after all, and that’s exactly what my dining room looked like. I fucking nuked her hamster, “how could a guy turn me down? I mean really?” flashed across her face. The next rationalization thing she said to me is “are you gay, you must be gay?” (we’re going to learn to deal with that later) in the most serious of tones. Well it only got more awkward from there on as I make no attempt at a reconciliation as she picks up the remains of her hamster from the floor. I continue being awesome while she doesn’t say much until they leave. She stares at me through the window as they drive away.

In another article I’ll discuss the other two women who wanted to get married last year, luckily I handled those more gracefully than the one I just told you about. Regarding this incident, there is a rich history between our families, both of us are close in age, come from good families and her parents would love to marry her off to a guy like me, so I’m sure it wasn’t as random for her as it was for me, but we’ll get into the nitty gritty next time. In the mean time utilize the +10 to your not give a fuck attitude a clean hangover imbues.

This, if the roles were reversed.