Case Studies

I recently started Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s best seller Pscho-Cybernetics and I highly recommend it to all. On page one he sets the record straight stating “It is your self-image that sets the limits for what you can and cannot achieve- the area of the possible… by expanding your self-image you expand the limits of your talents and capabilities“. It’s a simple but profound statement that is at the heart of these two people I present. Both of these men are actual friends of mine and everything I present has actually occurred.

Adam: 6’0 about 170 lbs. Average – slightly above average looks. Not much money, no car, high school diploma, always made girls buy stuff for him (awesome).  Adam was born in eastern Europe but moved to New Jersey in his adolescent years and still speaks English with an accent. He rocked the Jersey Shore look before that shitty show was even a thought in a coked up producers head. Spiked hair, fake tan (not orange), tight Ed Hardy shirts, the whole gym tan laundry deal. The image you get is that of a d-bag but there was something different about Adam. While he was one of the most extroverted people I’ve ever met he had a sort of quiet confidence about him. Everyone wanted to hang with this guy but he was a true rolling stone, not settling down in one place for too long. It helps to mention this guy was the player of all players. I went to several parties in my town and around the tri-state area with this dude and he ALWAYS pulled the hottest girl there.

The first time we partied was in my town at my best friends blow out kegger (2007). He (had to be around 20) walks past the beta orbiters to the hottest girl in the party (18 year old brunette, solid 9.5) and just puts his arm around her. No “hey watsup” or any introduction, just straight to her and arm around. This scene would repeat many times through the year and if I didn’t see it I wouldn’t believe it. 20 minutes later he is fucking her on the dining room table while 10 people watch. He fucks her on the stairs on the way to the bedroom. He smashes her for a good hour in the bedroom while the entire house hears her scream, then gets up and just goes back down stairs to talk to the second hottest girl there. After it’s over we look in the room, the bed is turned 45 degrees and the girl is apologizing for soaking the sheets through. When I see him again in the morning he is spaced out on the couch after taking close to 20 Corcidin Cough Cold and Congestion (Triple C’s) pills.

Closest pic I could find. Just imagine that at 18

Next week he invites us out to a party in NJ thrown by some people he met last week. We walk in, he scouts out the hottest girl (18 yr old blonde, solid 9) and just puts his arm around her. Doesn’t matter that she’s surrounded by 4 dudes he doesn’t know and everyone is saying who the fuck does this guy think he is. His bulletproof frame of I deserve the hottest girl here, overcomes her feeble shit test every time. It’s a foregone conclusion that she likes him and he is going to raw dog her in less than an hour. In his mind these are absolute truths and he cannot even comprehend anything else. She will like him, she will fuck him. You would think that by running the most direct game ever he would get blown out constantly, in the rare case he does he just moves to the second hottest and tongues her down in plain view of the first hottest. It’s important to note that while he is a bit cocky, he doesn’t even talk about pulling the hottest girls like it’s a thing at all. He forgets them as soon as he busts his nut, it’s all about having a good time with top tier women, drugs, and parties. If I could I would have thrown him into a room full of Victoria’s Secret models and pornstars to watch him operate. I still don’t think he would have been fazed at all.  He disappeared off the face of the Earth for a year soon after and didn’t tell a soul where he was going. Girls actually cried when they heard he was gone. Adam is a force of nature who is the embodiment of irrational self-confidence.

What? Climb Everest on a unicycle? Fuck yea bro let's go. - Adam's last words


Dennis: 5’11 180 lbs. Average looks, owns a car, college graduate, decent job. On paper Dennis has a great life many would trade for. His parents are cool as hell, they have money and love him to death. He lives in a great town, graduated from a good school, and bought a new car when he graduated. The problem is Dennis is the most negative person on Earth. He believes that his social skills are going to ruin every interaction he has, and because of that belief, they do. In every convo he disregards the good and searches for the smallest hint of bad to latch onto. No matter the girl is laughing and touching his arm, if she does anything to make him nervous he loses his shit and its all downhill form there. Worst of all he is in his mid twenties and still a virgin, desperately seeking to lose it. Every female interaction is poisoned from the get go because of the palpable desperation he conveys. When I try to pump him up he just shoots me down. Me: “Dude look at you, your dressed better than everyone in here, you just came back from an international trip, you’ve been hitting the gym and lost weight.” Dennis: I don’t know man, those people over there think I’m weird and my acne is acting up again.

Even I get more pussy than you Dennis

It’s painful to watch this guy operate. His self-esteem is so low he shoots himself in the foot every night. He must read up on PUA b/c you hear him spout out gems such as “man American girls are so stuck up” and “their so entitled”. It gets worse, he has the worst oneitis I’ve ever witnessed. It’s a girl he met online none the less and they haven’t even met in person yet. We think about paying for a classy escort to screw him but haven’t decided. I could go on but chances are you know someone like this already. Dennis not only runs anti-game but will salt your game unconsciously then tell you some bros before hoes bullshit. If Adam ever met Dennis I think a black hole would form and destroy the universe. I imagine that quote “what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object” as the building collapses around us. They both look icy stares as irrational self-confidence meets anti-game for the final showdown.

Self-Image: A Case Study In Two Parts

*The public speaking part two post will becoming soon, I want to write the most helpful article I can so it is in constant revision.*

For a little over a month now I have been focusing on all aspects of my mental self-image. It wasn’t a conscious choice but it seems to be the next leg of my personal development journey. With Danger & Play’s most recent article “Using Visualization to Take Your Game to the Next Level” I took it as a sign I had to riff on the topic.

Surprisingly enough it started with Neil Strauss’s book Rules of The Game. Now this had to be about three years but the ideas rocked me to the core. The concept that I controlled what I told myself (self-talk) was foreign to me at the time. When I started to really focus on what I told myself it wasn’t good at all. For every fuck-up no matter how minor I would mentally or sometimes verbally tell myself “your such an idiot” or something along those lines. C on a test “god your dumb”, approaching a girl “she won’t like you, why bother”. I never figured out how long I had been doing it but it was so long that I didn’t notice it anymore and I took it for reality. I had to change it. As with any bad habit it was going to take constant practice, patience, and above all determination to to break it.

So I practiced...alot

You have to watch every single reaction you have to anything. The first step is obviously notice yourself going negative. Then you have to stop yourself from expressing the thought. Third you have to replace the negative thought with a positive one. It was a LONG process and I make it sound simple but I did struggle a lot. I still catch myself once in a while as it is an insidious practice. What I found is that the negative self talk is synonymous with negative outlook (derp). Together with positive self talk I had to change my outlook on life, I did this making the decision to be awesome.

Sounds ridiculous I know but it is that simple. Journey of Superman posted a video that summarizes the concept. In the above vid Brent Smith speaks about not letting circumstances dictate your emotions. Instead you control how you feel by the thoughts in your head. It once again shattered roadblocks in my head. The light-bulb moment was about an hour in, some guy asks Brent what he does when he wakes up in a bad mood. You know what Brent says? He says “I tell myself I’m not”. That sounds like a crock of shit but in context it punched me in the gooch until I wept. The concept of being forced into a bad mood by uncontrollable circumstances does not even register to him anymore. Once you realize the truth that you can filter your thoughts and control your emotions 100% there is no turning back.

All right maybe like 98%...

He then relays the story of a roommate he once had who would loudly proclaim every morning; “I make thousands of dollars, every woman loves me”, incantations along those lines. According to Brent this friend despite being average looking and at the lowest rung of his company, over time attracted everything he wanted including a beautiful wife and ideal job status. Some of you might think that Brent Smith is a money hungry PUA spouting hackneyed quips on development, but if you have changed your self-talk you know the truth to these statements. It is the law of attraction in action. If you don’t believe in Brent Smith fine, Jim Rohn one of the greatest personal development coaches ever, speaks extensively on the topic.

“Success is something you attract by the person you become”. That statement floored me in my kitchen when I heard it last week. You don’t pursue, let it come to you. (The first of many Fearless pearls of wisdom) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the MasteryTV series on youtube. 30 days, 30 speakers covering diverse topics such as the psychology of success, how to build trust & rapport, and effective listening among many others. I guarantee it will help you with your game, business, and life. Along with the MasteryTV series I started another series by titled “How To Develop A Magnetic Gaze That Attracts Anyone Anytime” so I can get chicks pregnant by eye fucking them relentlessly.

Fearless: now permanently banned from ever attending the Miss America Pageant again.

I forgot about my real life case studies and instead ran towards a diatribe loosely associated with self image. Next post then…

Public Speaking Made Easy (Part 1)

Imma let you finish, but Fearless says your public speaking skills are weesh.

Public speaking. Women faint, children weep, men shard in their trousers.

I’m in a position to witness a lot of average joes try their hand at public speaking. I’m not going to lie, most are piss poor at it. The fear of being in front of others gets the best of them and they fold in crunch time. The worse they feel about it, the worse job they do. The speaker thinks they are the ones suffering but in actuality it is the poor listeners who have to sit through their scatter-brained rants. There is one girl in particular who makes me want to self immolate. She starts and ends EVERY sentence with um, with a healthy dose of other assorted pausers thrown in for good measure. She speaks too fast, looks down at every opportunity, and her voice projects as far as Stephen Hawking throws a baseball. It takes every ounce of energy to not pull a Kanye or bash my head against the table. Chances are you or someone you know has a dreadful fear of public speaking. Since communication is one of the most crucial skills to efficient leadership Exceed and Lead has got your back with my super awesome guide to public speaking.

Yesterday as I escape from the building.

In part 1 we are going to look at your posture and breathing.


-Posture is very important to how you speak and present yourself to others. If you stand tall with your chest out and a confident stance you will feel more powerful and confident. This is a recurring theme on this site; emotion follows motion. Likewise if you slouch, look downward, and mutter you will feel like shit. In his book Rules of The Game, Neil Strauss outlines the Alexander Technique which will correct many common posture issues (I can vouch, it has worked for me). Basically all you have to do is stand with your back against a wall and make sure your heels, ass, and back of your head touch the wall. Imagine a string running the length of your body pulled taut. Not about to snap, but just tight with little give to it. After holding that position for one minute, walk around your room in the same form. It will seem awkward at first but the more you practice the more natural it will seem.

Stop poking that pancake ass out Mary.

I will do a post on effective body language for leaders later on but for now just follow Alpha Persona’s ALA principle. It is of utmost importance to watch your posture while you sit also. Sit straight up and don’t slouch. Besides the irreversible damage to your spine you are forced to take shallow breaths which ruin your full voice potential. Always be aware of your posture from now on.


     -With your posture looking better you can finally utilize your full lung and diaphragm potential. Most people take too many breaths per minute and do not fully oxygenate their brain. Your fight or flight response causes this when you panic (future post we tackle that). Heart rate increases, blood vessels constrict, adrenaline pumps, pupils dilate, you know the deal. Even in relative peace peeps still breathe like they pay for air. From now take only 6 to 7 breaths per minute. Go ahead and time yourself doing it. In through the nose, out through the mouth for 1 minute. As far as breathing in, use your diaphragm (muscle behind your ribcage) more than your lungs. You will feel better, be more relaxed, and naked women will feed you grapes.

The right way
Oh god Brad I am so sorry, please put the grapes down ugggggghhhhhhhh

Utilizing these steps your baseline voice and posture will be higher. 50% of your speaking problems will be eliminated off the bat and public speaking will come naturally soon enough. The key is to practice daily.You are breaking long held beliefs and actions by following these tips and repetition is the only way to win. If you do not become aware of your breathing and posture in daily life you will panic in crunch time. Next post we work on your speech patterns. If you have any tips or questions on posture or breathing drop me a line in the comments. Also if you have cool stories of speaking in public be sure to let me know.

Stay adventurous, stay fearless.


What I Want From Life (Part I)


My advisors said it would be foolish if I ranted about others not knowing what they wanted out of life and didn’t share my own goals. You’re going to need some background to put it in context so here goes. Physically my team and I are pushing ourselves further than we’ve ever gone. Together we climbed the highest mountain in our town, then highest in county, then last summer the highest in our state (NY) which is Mount Marcy. Mt. Marcy is the highest point in the state and the highest peak in the Adirondack High Peaks standing at 5344 ft and a rugged 14.7 mile roundtrip to summit and back. Coincidentally we unknowingly joined the High Pointers Club (successfully visit all 50 state high points) as unofficial peak-baggers which is admittedly badass ,  I’m currently at two with NJ also under my belt.

Marcy, and you think HB9's are cold to you in bars...

This June brings us to the highest mountain in the northeast region which is Mt. Washington (6288 ft) situated a bitchin 8 hours away in New Hampshire. Straight from Wiki “On January 16, 2004, the summit weather observation registered a temperature of −43.6 °F (−42.0 °C) and sustained winds of 87.5 mph (140.8 km/h), resulting in a wind chill value of −103 °F (−75 °C) at the mountain.[14] During a 71-hour stretch from around 3 p.m. on January 13 to around 2 p.m. on January 16, 2004, the wind chill on the summit never went above −50 °F (−46 °C).[14] Snowstorms at the summit are routine in every month of the year, with snowfall averaging 311 inches (7.9 m) per year. Temperatures above 72 °F (22 °C) at the summit have never been recorded.[15]“. Also has the record for the highest windspeed recorded by man at 231 mph.

Thankfully, the path to summit is only about 8.4 miles roundtrip so we can tag and bag within a few hours. Besides the mountain there are at least 3 mud-run/ hardcore murder obstacle courses we plan on completing this year. As I mentioned in the Warrior Dash post we’re in training for the Spartan Sprint in June and Tough Mudder in October. I’ll go into it in another post but TM is considered by many to be the hardest one day event devised by man.

God damn bro

Short Term Goals (<12 months)

-Continue training (need to be able to run 10 miles @ 8 min per mile) and gain 9-11 lbs of muscle with lifting/diet.

-Finish semester with A’s.

-Catch big waves in Hawaii with brazilian surfer cutie Maya Gabeira.

If she's lucky

-Motivate and inspire people through this site. I really can’t say it enough, you have untapped greatness within you and can do more than you ever thought possible. I admit that sounds corny as all fuck but I really believe in you. If you’re here reading this you already have a burning desire to be better, now don’t let anything stop you in pursuit of your goal. We are working our way up to the Seven Summits, if our lifestyle allows us to live long enough we will climb all 7.

Clear concise goals are a major part of that as you can see with mine. I only listed my short term physical goals (as opposed to mental/monetary/spiritual)  here b/c I don’t want a wall of text staring you down, trust me there’s a shit ton more where that came from.

On an unrelated note shout out to my first non-hate/spam comment from Flavia at Insightful social commentary spiked with cutting humor. Second and third comments go to Kenny at Kenny has done big things and plans even bigger (Cuba is gonna be wild), with that attitude he’s welcome here anytime.

Now get ready to watch watch what a REAL determined SOB can do when he sets his mind to it. David motherfuckin Goggins aka “The Human Machine” is a U.S. Navy Seal who runs ultramarathons ( anything more than 26.4 mi). Watch this and then tell me you can’t talk to that girl or pass that test.

What Do You Want From Life


*At it’s heart this is a motivational site. I write about things I do to lead people away from fear of the unknown and towards a rich fulfilling life. However, sometimes you need to take a different approach. Sometimes that approach constitutes a scatter brained rant. With that said…*

What do you want out of your life? Are you working towards it? The second question is infinitely more important than the first. Everyone more or less wants the same thing, we are just at different stages.. As Maslow stated in his hierarchy of needs theory we need our physiological needs such as food, water, and shelter to be met first. Next is safety of body and resources followed by the next stage of group acceptance and sense of belonging. Fourth is esteem (confidence and achievement) and finally self-actualization where we ponder concepts of morality and spirituality. Obviously current refugees of the Great War of Africa are through no fault of their own stuck on the first and second levels. The conflict prevents them from living to their full potential. (*I’m not harping about Kony or that noise, haven’t even watched that vid that went viral.*)  Yet still, thousands of miles away here in the states there are thousands of people living unfulfilled lives through complete fault of their own. The faceless internet trolls would be quick to remind me of the homeless, drug-addled, and falsely imprisoned, stuck in fates cruel web. To them I say STFU, most made their choice early on and only a vast minority were forced into anything. You all have a choice, whether you plunge that dirty needle in your arm or choose to obtain your GED is yours and yours alone to make.

Many are quick to make excuses why they cannot pursue their dreams, they don’t go far. “I’m too (old, stupid, fat…) to get into shape”

Fuck you and your excuses, and no it's not photoshopped.

A busy schedule, kids, you don’t feel like it. Guess what, no one gives two shits about your excuses why you can’t exercise. Their just going to keep laughing at you behind your back because you are a pathetic sack of shit with no willpower..

.      Yet some of you will still make these half-hearted excuses about why you can’t (really you mean won’t) get into shape. Despite your Disney fairytale beliefs people will not respect you regardless of how you look. It’s always the fuglies and omegas who rant “why won’t you just accept me the way I am” or push the “just be yourself campaign”. But deep down you know why we don’t respect you. You don’t respect yourself enough to stick to your goals. Instead you foolishly hope the world will cave and love you for the special snowflake you truely are. The truth is everyone who is respected earns it through hard work and determination.  Fitness is only one aspect in a well balanced life. Perhaps you bitch and whine all day about being a cog in the corporate machine. You want to start a business but you don’t take any action at all. You want to be better with women but don’t approach. You want to learn a new language/instrument but never practice.

You can be better, you have to be better. That’s the simple fact of the matter. You must find a way to get to your goals. No one wants to grow old and wonder if their life could have been different if they did X activity or told X that they loved her. This is what keeps me driving everyday. I am young now but it will all be over soon enough. A human life is infinitesimally inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, faced with this fact I feel no fear. The universe is estimated to be 13.7 billion (13,700,000,000) years old. Your average life expectancy, give or take is 77 years             (                     77).  The time has come to step up, the time has come to be a fucking killer. Why are you still afraid?

To be continued…

Ecstatic (NSFW)

“You never see positive drug stories on the news do you, isn’t that weird? Since most of the experiences I’ve had on drugs…were real fucking positive.” – Bill Hicks

As I said in my previous post I had ecstasy for the first time at the rave in January and I had a rolling (ha!) good time. I’m happy to say that I’m a better man because of it. Ecstasy unlocked a part of me that I never knew existed. For the duration of the effect I was close to my best self as I could imagine. Ever seen that movie Limitless? That’s how I felt for 12 hours.

That is some heavy shit right there so I will start at the beginning. I went to the gym that morning and beasted out. I had to mentally force myself to stop doing squats and go home and get ready. I was locked in like I’ve never been before and this attitude crossed over into the night. In Manhattan before we got the train to Brooklyn I had a medium iced coffee. We were gonna be up late so why not right? That was about 8 or 9 probably. When we get to my friends place who we will call Frankie he pulls out these imitation adderall pills his out of town roommate left. I’m 2 tallboys in so we crush them up and blow them quick. We walk to the rave at 10:30. I drop E at 11. The E I had was a tiny blue heart shaped pill that I broke in half to be safe. In hindsight I am very happy I did this because that tiny half in conjunction with the adderall and coffee kept me up for more than 12 hours. I lose the other half when I try to hand it to Frankie in the rave and one of us drops it. Whatevs. From what I read I expect to feel the urge to dance uncontrollably but it only came to me in a small dose.

How I THOUGHT I would feel

What I did get was ENERGY. Way different from a coke high or adderall. With coke I have a great time but it is very short lived. I also grind my teeth and get the drippy nose we all hate. My sex drive goes nuts and I want to fuck anything that moves. With ecstasy I had energy but I didn’t feel out of odds. I wasn’t jittery or jumping around. I could sit down and you wouldn’t even know I was rolling. My mind was extremely calm, and I was fully in control. Physically I felt fine but mentally a switch had been flipped. I became super alpha Fearless. I would make eye contact with girls and if they held for 2 seconds I was there dancing with them. Super confident is the best way to put it.

Now Frankie has this girl friend that he grew up with that shows up at the rave. He wants nothing to do with her so I get the green light. I handle her like a fucking champ. Don’t get me wrong I do alright with girls but this was some next level shit. First off, I’m taking her hand and leading her around the rave like I own her. There is no hesitation in my thoughts or action. I know EXACTLY what I am doing, perfect mental clarity. When I want to dance I just take her to the floor and let her grind on me, when I want a cig I would just leave her there but of course she followed behind. She tried shit testing me a few times but soon realized I wasn’t having any of it and did everything I wanted. Heartiste had a post on amused mastery and I embodied it that night. I was the master and she was there to amuse me. Her pitiful negs were snowflakes on my armor, I was two steps ahead of everything she said. Early in the night she asked me to hold her lipgloss and I immediately refused which caused her to punch me, rub up on my junk, then literally jump into my arms in front of 10 ppl outside. As PUA’s would say I was 100% outcome dependent for the first time in my life and holy shit did I enjoy it. Just plain did not give a single fuck what happened between us. Breaking rapport and tonality, agree and amplify, reframe, I did it all. The beautiful part was because she was annoying as hell and I didn’t (at the time) want to fuck her it was all natural. I did not game her but she wanted my cock more than ever. No thought required, I just acted on instinct. Heartiste and Roosh would have shed a tear watching their handiwork come to fruition so amazingly.

How I would ACTUALLY feel

The best is yet to come. My friends bail for parts unknown around 2 or 3 a.m. I’m left with hot mess and no ride. Fuck it we’re walking. I pull her outside so we can get going. She lives 10 blocks but doesn’t know what direction of course. It is colder than a feminist’s lonely bed outside, about 15 degrees and she is wearing a tight black sleeveless dress with no jacket. I’m wearing a thin sweater (which she ruins) but no way am I giving it to her. I swear it could have been a sunny summer day, I do not feel cold at all just perfectly awake. The cold and wind do their best to sap all of the sexual tension out us. We meet her male roommate outside who is ripshit pissed that I’m about to beat that pussy up. I can see it in his eyes he fucking hates me and I love it. Jealous omegas make my day mother fuckers. She and I share the sleeves of my sweater as she presses her ass up against me and I catch daggers from this dude. Brazen, bold, reckless I would grab her tits and ass while looking him right in the eye. Fuck it, I start walking back the direction I came from.

There's my baby

Here is the situation: I’m rolling on E in an unfamiliar ghetto neighborhood in BK with a scantily clad somewhat drunk college girl with no idea where she lives at 3:30 a.m. Time to man up mofos. Walking tall, scanning ahead and glancing behind me for punk ass bitches looking for trouble. I actually wanted to fight somebody. According to Wikipedia this is called hyper-vigilance and its a detrimental effect of E. Detrimental my ass I want that feeling again. I wish some punk would have started something. Two times cars full of 4 black guys pulled up and asked her if she wanted a ride while I just kept leading her down the street. To stop her bitching about the cold, we take shelter in an apartment building for a few minutes on the way home. The guys working the door ask if she is my gf and I laugh my ass off while she is in the bathroom. She hears it all and tries yelling at me which causes me to laugh even harder while I tell the guys how crazy she is. Back on track I look like I was on the warpath, pure single-mindedness. I’m bored so I hit her with silent treatment for about 3 blocks and watch her hamster tire itself out.

No BS she kinda looked like her but not as hot

We thankfully make it back to her place. When I leave her bathroom she is just waiting by the counter with a glass of water for me. Ecstatic joy turns to sadness then to fury as she drunkenly “kicks me out” and I walk back to the rave. I am still wired and don’t sleep till about noon that Sunday.

Jesse Charger over at had a great post on exactly what I felt that night.

Here are some key points, I highly recommend the article and site.

-Goal was not to get laid, just to express my reckless sexual intent.

-Did not care if she liked me at all. No apologies no excuses for being sexual.

-Testosterone fueled fury, physically dominated her.

-Spoke loudly and dominantly, and broke rapport.

-Ignored shit tests and powerfully steamrolled over all opposition.

-Took action without permission.

Now once you feel this feeling you want it ALL THE TIME. It’s not easy when society glorifies processed food, obesity, feminism, and no exercise. Obviously I can’t take E all the time so I immediately changed my life for the better. I cut out masturbation completely for 3 whole weeks starting that morning to get my T levels high ( Still had sex). Eased up on the internet porn also but found some interesting tumblr blogs to keep me occupied, but that’s a post for another day… I can’t recommend this highly enough, as I feel like a man-beast all the time now. Ferdinand over at and Victor Pride at each have great posts summarizing the numerous benefits to your life.

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and lift heavy. I used to go half ass when I felt like it. but now I don’t miss a day no matter what happens.With the lifting and no jerking the gurk I feel great. Note of caution if you don’t have sex regularly you might blow fast. With the first one gone you will be ready to go again in 2 min though, that’s when the show really starts.


-Ecstasy is awesome in careful moderation. Mine was cut with something. Peeps online say it was anabolic steroids and speed with MDMA. Fuck it more stuff to knock off my list.

-Imagine that drug from Limitless but less cutting people with children’s ice skates.

-WIll do Molly the supposed pure form of MDMA that comes in crystal form.


Stark Raving Mad

For all of last week I had been fueled by all sorts of electronica. I dabble occasionally in the field, but found myself consumed by it and ended up delving into the depths of the genres. Techno, house, trance, dubstep, nothing was off limits by Thursday. Looking for adventure and a new experience I checked out some local shows and came across a rave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called No Sleep Till Brooklyn set for Saturday night.

Plans are made, tickets are bought and we roll out around 7 p.m. One of my good friends shares my penchant for adventure and lives only five minutes away from the spot, so we pre-game there for an hour or so. Out of the six of us that rolled out, only two had been to a rave before so most of us only had preconceived notions about what to expect. The rave takes place in an industrial warehouse named “The Morgan” in a sketchy neighborhood so you know it’s gonna be fucking wild. I’m talking no streetlights, graffiti everywhere, cars full of guys mean mugging us.


We enter and the place is bumping. There’s three separate rooms with three DJ’s spinning their own stuff. Straight ahead is the main room through the double doors, easily over 200 people going nuts. Unreal laser light show illuminates the room and pulsates to the beat of the music which was fucking awesome. To the left is the second biggest room with a more chilled out sound and about 100 people body rocking. Downstairs in the basement dungeon is the hardstyle room. Holy fuck readers, for those of you that have never heard hardstyle it is some rowdy shit. Only like 15 people were down there and they should be kept there permanently.

By now it is apparent that mostly everyone in the rave is rolling face on MDMA. Upon this realization, almost immediately some hooded derelict approaches and offers me some ecstacy.  WARNING ** NEVER PURCHASE DRUGS FROM INSIDE A RAVE, IF YOU PLAN TO DO MDMA GET IT FROM A RELIABLE SOURCE IN ADVANCE.** You never know what you are going to get. May be placebo, some other random pill, mdma cut with some harmful shit. Seriously never buy from inside. That being said I broke this cardinal rule my friend had warned me about and took some. (More on this next post)

The rave progresses, we are tearing up the dance floor in the main room. Girls grinding on us, glow-sticks waving in the air, and booming bass all night till 4 or 5 a.m. We break out in separate directions and I end up walking some girl home 20 blocks in the most ghetto ass section of Brooklyn. Two friends passed out wasted drunk, one still dancing hard, and me still rolling face at 5 a.m. If you really want to have a good time at a rave:

Things To Do:

-Wear bright and/or fuzzy clothing. Hats, gloves, scarves, it’s all fair game. Everyone on mdma loves to touch things so if you have one of those furry animal hats bring it out. These hot club girls are dying for a reason to touch you, give them every reason and opportunity. From experience, random girls WILL be grabbing you by your furry scarf to come dance with them. Don’t worry how ridiculous you think you look because no one in there honestly cares.

-Better yet be in good shape so you can take your shirt off. Even if you aren’t rolling it will be very hot in there. Girls are going to love to grab your muscles on the floor.

– Bring money or a camelback backpack. Staff charged $5 for a bottle of water knowing ravers would pay. Don’t over hydrate if you are rolling but not dancing. Water is just to replace what you sweat out, if you aren’t sweating ease up on intake.

-Bring cigs, you are going to want to smoke. Menthol cigs work best as they give you that cooling sensation. Don’t bring Newports. Camels or P-funks (Parliaments) work best if you want to share with chicks. Cigs will also get that isolation with your girl outside where she can feel up on your furry clothing alone.

-DO NOT WEAR CLOTHES YOU WANT TO KEEP CLEAN. I learned the hard way when the girl I was with got lipstick all over my sweater and it’s now ruined. Even if your shirt can get dirty you will probably lose it when you take it off and throw it in your ecstacy inspired euphoria.

-Vick’s vapor rub, those gloves with the massaging tips, candy necklaces, any thing with a cooling sensation going down ( peppermint schnapps?) will make you very popular..

– Learn to dance. Your not doing the waltz, just a simple two-step with some fist bumping if you feel like it. Once you get moving then you get to grinding and your money after that.

– If you like fit, attractive, scantily clad girls dancing up on you till the break of dawn, rave’s are your spot. For the ladies, there are fit, attractive guys willing to grind on you so don’t worry.

Things To Watch Out For:

     – I already told you not to buy drugs inside. Seriously it’s for your own benefit, there’s no telling what that rat is going to give you. (I’m not bitter, actually enjoyed what I got. Heard alot of bad stories of being ripped off and other bad stuff though.)

-There’s probably going to be gay guys asking you to crack their back or some shit like that. I was asked by at least two dudes.  If you’re gay it’s easy as fuck to hook up in there. If you’re not be wary.

-If you don’t like electronic music AND won’t do ecstacy you probably will not have fun, don’t go.

Overall- Success! As always go in with an open mindset and expect to have fun. As with anything else in the world, if you and your crew are being the life of the party and having a great time, other fun loving people will naturally gravitate towards you. With the above tips you will have a great time. I read some online before I left and completely disregarded some of them. (Didn’t wear bright and/or furry clothes, no glowsticks, didn’t bring my own drugs…) Learn from my mistakes.  Still had a raging good time and plan to go to a rooftop rave when spring comes around. Next time I will follow my own advice, and if all goes right try “molly” the supposed purer form of MDMA in powder form.  Part two of the night will be in next new experience post on MDMA coming soon. *Tried to scan my event ticket and put it in here but my scanner is being a grade A asshole*.

More advice: If you’re in the tri-state area check out RaverSick and his Behind the Scenes of NYC Rave Scene series on youtube. He is an avid raver who travels all over meeting DJ’s, ravers, promoters. If you want to get acquainted with the scene definitely check it out.

Winter Raves

Summer Raves

If you’ve been to a rave, plan on going, or have questions or comments drop a comment. As always be adventurous, stay fearless!

I am Fearless hear me roar.

Watsup world, welcome to Exceed and Lead. As the name suggests I want you, that’s right you to exceed your expectations set for yourself and help lead others to live their dreams. To do this we have to understand that fear is the main thing holding people back from achieving their goals/dreams.

If you are like me there have been many things you have wanted to do but others told you not to. Maybe you wanted to go paragliding but all you hear from everyone is how their mother’s uncles cousin twice removed gardeners daughter injured herself in said activity. It may sound cliche but once you set out and try your hand (even if you do not succeed) at a task, you realize your fear was irrational all along. That’s why to help you along I am going to actively participate in these activities and give you an honest objective review. I have never been a morally self-righteous person so there are no limits to the debauchery interesting activities. For example I will attend a religious service for each religion (Catholic, Islam, Buddhist, etc…) but the next day I might (will) review recreational drugs, very dangerous activities (skydiving, base-jumping, wingsuit flying??), partying in all U.S. major cities, travel abroad, and other raucous stuff.

Together we can kick the shit out of fear (You hold it down while I stomp on it’s face) and live life’s pleasures.  First review coming soon.