Stark Raving Mad

For all of last week I had been fueled by all sorts of electronica. I dabble occasionally in the field, but found myself consumed by it and ended up delving into the depths of the genres. Techno, house, trance, dubstep, nothing was off limits by Thursday. Looking for adventure and a new experience I checked out some local shows and came across a rave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called No Sleep Till Brooklyn set for Saturday night.

Plans are made, tickets are bought and we roll out around 7 p.m. One of my good friends shares my penchant for adventure and lives only five minutes away from the spot, so we pre-game there for an hour or so. Out of the six of us that rolled out, only two had been to a rave before so most of us only had preconceived notions about what to expect. The rave takes place in an industrial warehouse named “The Morgan” in a sketchy neighborhood so you know it’s gonna be fucking wild. I’m talking no streetlights, graffiti everywhere, cars full of guys mean mugging us.


We enter and the place is bumping. There’s three separate rooms with three DJ’s spinning their own stuff. Straight ahead is the main room through the double doors, easily over 200 people going nuts. Unreal laser light show illuminates the room and pulsates to the beat of the music which was fucking awesome. To the left is the second biggest room with a more chilled out sound and about 100 people body rocking. Downstairs in the basement dungeon is the hardstyle room. Holy fuck readers, for those of you that have never heard hardstyle it is some rowdy shit. Only like 15 people were down there and they should be kept there permanently.

By now it is apparent that mostly everyone in the rave is rolling face on MDMA. Upon this realization, almost immediately some hooded derelict approaches and offers me some ecstacy.  WARNING ** NEVER PURCHASE DRUGS FROM INSIDE A RAVE, IF YOU PLAN TO DO MDMA GET IT FROM A RELIABLE SOURCE IN ADVANCE.** You never know what you are going to get. May be placebo, some other random pill, mdma cut with some harmful shit. Seriously never buy from inside. That being said I broke this cardinal rule my friend had warned me about and took some. (More on this next post)

The rave progresses, we are tearing up the dance floor in the main room. Girls grinding on us, glow-sticks waving in the air, and booming bass all night till 4 or 5 a.m. We break out in separate directions and I end up walking some girl home 20 blocks in the most ghetto ass section of Brooklyn. Two friends passed out wasted drunk, one still dancing hard, and me still rolling face at 5 a.m. If you really want to have a good time at a rave:

Things To Do:

-Wear bright and/or fuzzy clothing. Hats, gloves, scarves, it’s all fair game. Everyone on mdma loves to touch things so if you have one of those furry animal hats bring it out. These hot club girls are dying for a reason to touch you, give them every reason and opportunity. From experience, random girls WILL be grabbing you by your furry scarf to come dance with them. Don’t worry how ridiculous you think you look because no one in there honestly cares.

-Better yet be in good shape so you can take your shirt off. Even if you aren’t rolling it will be very hot in there. Girls are going to love to grab your muscles on the floor.

– Bring money or a camelback backpack. Staff charged $5 for a bottle of water knowing ravers would pay. Don’t over hydrate if you are rolling but not dancing. Water is just to replace what you sweat out, if you aren’t sweating ease up on intake.

-Bring cigs, you are going to want to smoke. Menthol cigs work best as they give you that cooling sensation. Don’t bring Newports. Camels or P-funks (Parliaments) work best if you want to share with chicks. Cigs will also get that isolation with your girl outside where she can feel up on your furry clothing alone.

-DO NOT WEAR CLOTHES YOU WANT TO KEEP CLEAN. I learned the hard way when the girl I was with got lipstick all over my sweater and it’s now ruined. Even if your shirt can get dirty you will probably lose it when you take it off and throw it in your ecstacy inspired euphoria.

-Vick’s vapor rub, those gloves with the massaging tips, candy necklaces, any thing with a cooling sensation going down ( peppermint schnapps?) will make you very popular..

– Learn to dance. Your not doing the waltz, just a simple two-step with some fist bumping if you feel like it. Once you get moving then you get to grinding and your money after that.

– If you like fit, attractive, scantily clad girls dancing up on you till the break of dawn, rave’s are your spot. For the ladies, there are fit, attractive guys willing to grind on you so don’t worry.

Things To Watch Out For:

     – I already told you not to buy drugs inside. Seriously it’s for your own benefit, there’s no telling what that rat is going to give you. (I’m not bitter, actually enjoyed what I got. Heard alot of bad stories of being ripped off and other bad stuff though.)

-There’s probably going to be gay guys asking you to crack their back or some shit like that. I was asked by at least two dudes.  If you’re gay it’s easy as fuck to hook up in there. If you’re not be wary.

-If you don’t like electronic music AND won’t do ecstacy you probably will not have fun, don’t go.

Overall- Success! As always go in with an open mindset and expect to have fun. As with anything else in the world, if you and your crew are being the life of the party and having a great time, other fun loving people will naturally gravitate towards you. With the above tips you will have a great time. I read some online before I left and completely disregarded some of them. (Didn’t wear bright and/or furry clothes, no glowsticks, didn’t bring my own drugs…) Learn from my mistakes.  Still had a raging good time and plan to go to a rooftop rave when spring comes around. Next time I will follow my own advice, and if all goes right try “molly” the supposed purer form of MDMA in powder form.  Part two of the night will be in next new experience post on MDMA coming soon. *Tried to scan my event ticket and put it in here but my scanner is being a grade A asshole*.

More advice: If you’re in the tri-state area check out RaverSick and his Behind the Scenes of NYC Rave Scene series on youtube. He is an avid raver who travels all over meeting DJ’s, ravers, promoters. If you want to get acquainted with the scene definitely check it out.

Winter Raves

Summer Raves

If you’ve been to a rave, plan on going, or have questions or comments drop a comment. As always be adventurous, stay fearless!

I am Fearless hear me roar.

Watsup world, welcome to Exceed and Lead. As the name suggests I want you, that’s right you to exceed your expectations set for yourself and help lead others to live their dreams. To do this we have to understand that fear is the main thing holding people back from achieving their goals/dreams.

If you are like me there have been many things you have wanted to do but others told you not to. Maybe you wanted to go paragliding but all you hear from everyone is how their mother’s uncles cousin twice removed gardeners daughter injured herself in said activity. It may sound cliche but once you set out and try your hand (even if you do not succeed) at a task, you realize your fear was irrational all along. That’s why to help you along I am going to actively participate in these activities and give you an honest objective review. I have never been a morally self-righteous person so there are no limits to the debauchery interesting activities. For example I will attend a religious service for each religion (Catholic, Islam, Buddhist, etc…) but the next day I might (will) review recreational drugs, very dangerous activities (skydiving, base-jumping, wingsuit flying??), partying in all U.S. major cities, travel abroad, and other raucous stuff.

Together we can kick the shit out of fear (You hold it down while I stomp on it’s face) and live life’s pleasures.  First review coming soon.