Commentary Is Cancer, and How the Media Lies To You

For many Americans it is a morning staple to sit down with a cup of coffee and read the morning paper.

As the first source of information a man can obtain before he sets off to start his day, it’s important that this information should brighten his day and put him in a positive mindset to face the many travails ahead of him. If not that, then at least spark some creative thoughts in his head, but not so anymore.

Now when men arise they are greeted with this…

Yes, the first image men awaken to is the story of a mother beating her four year old toddler to death. This is the mindset of savagery and barbarism the (((media))) wants to instill into us men.  The mindset that senseless violence will meet you around every corner, strangers will attack you, a general pervasive sense of societal malaise.

This is not so, and will never be. You can today choose to build your relationships with friends and neighbors that share a like minded attitude and values. You can raise proud children that know right from wrong and are not afraid to voice their opinions, and you can vote in local elections to influence your communities fate. Although we will never give up hope, there are some like the owner of the Daily News who wish to fear monger us into submission. I wonder what that parasite who seeks to divide us along racial and economic lines looks like…

And here’s our culprit (((Mortimer Zuckerman))) pictured on the right. Every damn time.

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