The Sky Isn’t Falling, The World Isn’t Burning

The world is still full of opportunity, hope, and success. Do not listen to the fervent, rabid rantings of those who urge you to “sit poolside and watch it all burn”. Apathy is the enemy and every new day that passes brings further advancements in medicine, technology, architecture, and culture. However if you listen to the naysayers in the media and some prominent bloggers in this corner of the Internet you would think western culture is breathing its last tepid breath. Staples of their arguments consist of rising divorce rates, twerking, ISIS, popular music, etc… yet I refuse to believe we reside in a cultural dark age. There is and always will be good, well meaning people providing quality art that inspires the masses. Here are some of those people and their work.

Alina Baraz

Talented singer coming out of Cleveland, Ohio. Has created quite a stir in the electronica world with her amazing voice and collaborations with producer Galamatias.

George Maple

Another sultry singer, this one coming out of Sydney, Australia. I find it difficult to classify her fantastic music into one genre so I’ll let you decide.

Nicolas Jaar

The greatest producer you’ve probably never heard of. At only 24 years old, Jaar has taken the music world by storm since 2011 and has released a slew of hits that have tossed up the electronica world. Together with his interdisciplinary production house Other People, Jaar’s stock continues to rise worldwide.


Buy it, thank me later
Buy it, thank me later

My all-time favorite producer continues to amaze music lovers worldwide by dropping fire on a consistent basis. Six days ago on 10/20/14 he released the title track Flashlight off his album of the same name and it properly hyped us for another solid masterpiece set to drop 12/1/14.

Let the world know about other artists that deserve to be heard from in the comments below. Until the next time, keep your head up and forge forward, all progress depends on you my friend.


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