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“You can’t be paralyzed by fear or failure, or you will never push yourself.”


Redpiller1985 posted an interesting article yesterday over on RoK that shined a light into the dark recesses of the “omega” (I hesitate to use the familiar alpha / beta / sigma dichotomy) male yesterday which caught my attention. I felt that in order to understand my comment some context must be provided lest I be labeled intolerant or worse.

Here is my comment:

First off fuck these losers, they provide NOTHING of value to society and receive all the benefits (welfare, safety, food, etc…) They are not “harmless” as some have suggested, and deserve all of societies scorn and derision for being the leeches they are. Can you imagine the audacity of these losers to publicly vent their hatred for the regular people who provide everything for them? Besides the obvious they also harm society in another more subtle way.

I weep for the plight of the parents. From the first time a man holds his infant son he imagines the great things he can accomplish as he grows. Playing sports, gaining an education, forming a semblance of personality and the great things adult life brings. He hopes this child will provide value to society and maybe become a pillar to his community, helping those in need by assuming the role of a leader both in community and his own family. Truly the future of the child is boundless and uninhibited.

Years later the father watches his son fail miserably socially and professionally in his teenage years. It is a phase, soon to pass he silently hopes. Yet the years pass and while men are forged through these trials and tribulations, his son retreats from them. The son grows physically weak and adopts the mindset of an abject failure unusual for is age. He blames his shortcomings on “personality disorders, childhood traumas, depression, anhedonia, ugliness, social retardation or low ability” (lol). Cynicism and a nihilistic outlook replace the once bright eyes and the father wonders if he himself is to blame. The pathetic incel is disgusted with the world and us “normalscum”, but it does not match the disgust his father holds for him. How does the father face his friends and family knowing his son, his own flesh and blood, is cloistered in his room proudly extolling the virtues(?) of social awkwardness, virginity, and overall faggotry? The pathetic incel neither knows nor cares, he selfishly jerks off to hentai and leeches off welfare, never growing out of the teenage angst phase.

Fuck these losers, fuck them all.


My comment yesterday may sound harsh, I admit it was but as this is a self-development site I disdain men who give up and settle so overtly for peanuts, blame the world, claim victim status, etc… At the same time I can speak on this authoritatively because I have waded through the same cesspool of self-doubt, insecurity, and problems these men have and I made it through. If I didn’t this site wouldn’t exist and I would have never found the sphere. You know what I do when I’m not satisfied with my life? I change shit. It’s that simple, it’s my life, I call the shots. I stopped smoking weed completely 11 months ago, I lift heavy in the gym religiously 3-4 days a week, and I’m a few days away from 2 months without any porn whatsoever. I work 12 hrs and go stick my dick into my town’s nightlife solo dolo year round. I didn’t make these changes all together and yes I did struggle with all of them. You take pieces out and put new pieces in until you find what works for you, that’s the only advice you need. Are people surprised when I tell them I do not watch porn or smoke weed and plan to hit the scene alone, yes, but then again most people are unhappy with their life. If someone isn’t where you want to be then don’t listen to their advice, the same way you wouldn’t take investment advice from a homeless prostitute (crack is always in demand and maintains a steady market value though…)

My words were pointed but in real life I would be the first to befriend them and help on the path to discovery. Sometimes people need to have the knife twisted into their cerebellum though. They have enough of a pity party circle jerk on their forum with the asinine rules of don’t bring up sexual relations, don’t talk about anything unrelated to being a incel hermit, and my personal favorite rule don’t create an echo chamber, apparently the hypocrisy is lost on them. I still stand by words from a place of experience, fuck you and you’re problems, the world doesn’t give two shits about you and you must forge your character through the shitstorm like the rest of us. Don’t blame the rest of society for you’re shortcomings.

Coincidentally on the same day, Science Daily posted this article titled “Repeatedly Exposing Yourself to a Negative Event May Prevent It from Affecting You”. (Well fancy that, who woulda thunk it.) After you read that browse through Emerson’s Self-Reliance and take a shot of Robert Green’s and 50 Cent’s The 50th Law.



17 Replies to “Real Advice For Members”

  1. Let me say this you fucking faggots who think that being short being fat being sick being an actual faggot being a bitch nigga all the time OR BEING TALKED DOWN TO BY THIS FAGGOT is holding you back. It’s not, do what u want to do cause at the end of the day who fucking cares. You think I care if I get shot? No, you think I care if I get fuckin stabbed no fuck that, i’m a true warrior. You think I care if you care that i’m leeching off the government or you think I care what my fucking parents think? hahahaha no way let me tell you this. However I lead my life I do it honestly and through my own will. It doesn’t matter what you portray as great, strong, right, wrong, i will always have my own hand deep in your moms pussy grabbing the side of her flesh cave with my long nails and making her cum like a chain gang pulling one thousand horses through the gale. The point is a real man defines his own virtues and his own reality he doesn’t give a fuck what arnold thinks he doesn’t fucking care about community, leadership, anything of that sort unless HE DECIDES IT IS RIGHT, GOD IS DEAD BECAUSE WE KILLED HIM IM A MANIAC A MAAAAAANIIIIAAAAC “jacks off”

  2. Why would you pick Schwarzenegger as an example? He’s mostly famous for being a fictional character in movies. His real-world accomplishment- the one that (mostly) wasn’t written by Mssrs. Goldberg and Blumstein- is “being elected Governor of California” immediately after such a luminary as Gray Davis, after which he managed a mediocre showing. Even Reagan was able to be wheeled from the prop closet to the Presidency.

    It’s like using Christian Bale in a Batman costume as a personal template. Dude’s mostly fiction.

    Moreover, you run what appears to be an internet blog of personal anecdotes and advice derived from them, which I’d never heard of before I was sent the URL in an IM. Your webring links include the kind of material (pick-up artistry, alt-right-wing politics, “single male travel”) that’s, no offense, about as repugnant to the average person as your typical “wizard”. You blog about things you read on pick-up forums, written by people with names like “Redpiller”. You have occasion to mention a backwater imageboard with fewer users than there are employees at my local Dairy Queen.

    Do you think you have the latitude to advise people on real success- the kind that doesn’t involve reciting other peoples’ lines, or destroying your body as a public spectacle until you retire to a trailer at the doddering age of 30, or tracing pastiches of the latest NY-approved artistic fad?

    1. I chose Schwarzenegger because of his ardent dedication to improving his life. From becoming arguably the most successful body builder in modern times, to learning English, running a successful business with Franco Columbu, becoming one of the biggest actors of a generation, and winning a gubernatorial race, he has accomplished much through sheer force of will.

      My links rotate with my interests at the time. Just a few days ago I removed several such as RoK and other related sites. As to the claim that average people would find them repugnant I would say yes probably. However regular people were never the target (for lack of a better word) market. This site is aimed those looking to better themselves and if a url named singledudetravel sets you off then there’s a lot worse in the world that you’ll find disturbing.

  3. Fuck you normie, you’re talking straight out of your ass.

    You obviously have no fucking idea what the average wizard has to endure.

    You wouldn’t even survive one month in my shoes. You’d probably kill yourself after a week.

    “Self-development” my ass. You’re just here to rip on people less successful than you to feed your own enourmous ego.

    Once again, fuck you.

  4. Thanks for the worthless advice normalshit. Tell me again how hard it was for you to overcome your drug addiction to weed and jerking off. It must have been so tough for you.

    1. If Daniel Johnston managed to achieve a music career while suffering with several mental disorders, then what’s keeping you from succeeding? Quit being a faggot.

    1. It’s a fantastic book but I haven’t read it cover to cover yet. I usually open to a random law and try to fully grasp the intricacies of each one, finding situations to implement them in my daily life. So far I’m about 80% through, have you read it also?

  5. I’m not a wizard but I can see where they are coming from. Whenever I tried doing something, whatever that was it always ended with me getting ridiculed in front of people. I genuinely wanted to get better. But now I’m not trying anymore. I don’t have a victim mentality, I just know it’s better to settle for less, too stressing otherwise. I’m a 5.5 tall man and have a baby face.I don’t think I could ever be taken seriously no matter what I do. Having dreams as a manlet is hard.
    A good body on a short body is useless. Being clever or witty only makes you a bigger beta.

    As a manlet you either go Omega/Beta or Zeta. I’d rather choose Zeta and opt out of all that bullshit. What kind of moron would play a game he can’t win no matter what ?

    My advice to all wizards would be to stop with the victim mentality. You can go your own way without being proud of being a virgin or hating ”normals”. They should stop giving a fuck about other people and live life on their own terms.

    1. Getting ridiculed by others is not often your fault, especially when trying out something new. Family, friends, strangers, etc… are not always supporters of men bettering themselves and they turn into crabs in a bucket. Don’t let the natural drive to better yourself get trampled by them, instead find those that foster your self-development mentality. I admit it’s easier said than done and it takes time but it’s well worth it.

      About being a manlet; trust me don’t worry about the baby face. I too look younger than my age but when I’m 40 I’ll look 30 and so will you. Krauser at is about 5’5 I believe and bangs cute girls all the time. History is rife with men who are not physically fit, I recommend the site for some reading. A good body is a good body is a good body, nevermind being short, and everyone loves a clever and witty friend.

      I don’t know where zeta falls on the spectrum but don’t get caught up on alpha/ beta dichotomy. When I let that shit go and worked to become the best man I personally could then I flourished (still a ways to go).

      You’re last sentence rings true, and contradicts what you posted before it, know just internalize that and live it. Thanks for the comment, everything works out with focus, action, and time.

      1. There are lots of places in he world where guys are 5’5 on average. Maybe you go on a grand adventure to seek out a mate in one of these areas? Places like the Philippines have some of the most beautiful women in the world, and many are under 5 feet. It’s a huge world out there. I would also make a note. A long time ago, I met a guy who was much shorter than me. At first I noticed this, but he had so many outstanding qualities (and he didn’t give a shit about his height) that it quickly didn’t matter to me and I had a huge crush on him! Well, me and about a dozen other girls.

        1. Good points Becca, it’s important for everyone regardless of gender to find someplace that highlights their strengths and complements their personality. The Voltaire quote “give me ten minutes to explain away my ugliness and I will bed the Queen of France” comes to mind about the awesome short guy.

    2. That’s exactly what true wizardry is about, only for some
      “going their own way” means deciding to opt out of the bullshit games one has to play to get sex

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