Live Truly and See Truly: The Super Spartan Race

“Live truly and see truly” is a fantastic quote from Emerson’s essay Self-Reliance, which is worth a post itself. This quote will be attached to all further experience related posts for the simple fact that men must forcibly forge and temper themselves through the myriad of life’s of events and encounters. Until you live that way you will see only bullshit and spout excuses.

The Super Spartan Race is the second level race in the Trifecta. Longer than the Sprint (3-4 mi) but shorter than the Beast (13-15 mi) the Super clocks in at roughly 8 miles and provides you with you’re blue medal to accompany the previous red from the Sprint. Competitive times were in the 1:45 hr range, average around 3:30


The Super is provides a steeper challenge than the Sprint not only because of the distance but the added obstacles and weather. We ran the Sprint in balmy June with 90 degrees of sun at our backs. The Super instead was ran in early September with a slight chill to the air, needless to say our attitudes toward the water obstacles took a turn.

The pre-race procedure stays the same as the Sprint. Bib numbers, ID’s, and waivers. Put on the waiver and headband then stretch. Approach the pen and wish your fellow racers good luck, the next few hours are going to test you all. In Spartan fashion the race starts with a one mile slog up the mountain that will make a few lose their lunch on the side of the trail. It is important to pace yourself for the distance, and will not necessary we recommend some sort of hydration device whether it be a CamelBak or fuel belt. All of the obstacles from the Sprint are back such as the vertical rope climb (25 ft ish), sandbag carry, rock pull, Hercules Hoist, and the death of all things sacred Spear Toss. A new addition was the Atlas Carry which consists of picking up a 60 lb block, carrying it about 20 ft, dropping it to do 10 burpees and carrying it back. The obstacles that bested me this time were the traverse wall, spear toss, and uneven wood blocks.

Overall a fun race which helps you prep for the Beast but still remains in a completely different league from it. We ran the Beast two weeks later, and you will soon see why we say that. Until then keep looking for challenges to best, whether they be professional or personal, never give up the fight. Riches and bitches await the few who persist but the road, like the treacherous terrain of the Spartan races best the unwary.

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