A Simple Way To Not Pedastalize Women


Hangover. The word used to instill dread in my mind. Pounding headache, upset stomach, and all the other lovely after effects of a night well spent. But no longer does a hangover bother me, truth be told you can run some of your best game in this state. It led to receiving my 2nd pseudo marriage proposal of the year.

The degree to which you are hungover is extremely important. What were looking for is a “clean” hangover opposed to a dirty one. Clean implies minimal physical effects while still providing the desired mental state. The key is to drink at least two glasses of water before you go to sleep (if you have not been drinking water in between drinks) From my experience this is what it looks like.

  • Positive but world weary.
  • Tired: slower speech, talk less, mind cannot work overtime to pedastalize.
  • Voice is usually deeper.

Hard to explain, but most of you have felt a clean hangover before. It helps if you truly left it all out there last night, as I did the night before this story. The first time I found this out was last year when a good family friend and his kids visited my parents. The daughter was a cute 18 year old who I had met a few times previous but barely knew. In my hungover state all I did was make fun of Eli Manning’s weird face for my own amusement as we watched the game. Long story short I refuse to do anything for her and half seriously / joking call her useless for not learning to ride a bike or even have a drivers permit. Of course she likes it, every cute girl loves when you bust their chops and regard them as you’re bratty younger sister. Fast forward 30 minutes as we’re all sitting around the table for lunch she looks me dead in the eye and asks me if I want to get married. I spouted of a joking dismissal, but she was actually serious (as serious as an 18 year old girl can get). The air is sucked out of the room, everyone looks at me like I suddenly grew a dick out of my forehead.

Remember that scene? Ethan Hawke thinks the team is joking when they try to give him his cut. Turns out they weren’t kidding after all, and that’s exactly what my dining room looked like. I fucking nuked her hamster, “how could a guy turn me down? I mean really?” flashed across her face. The next rationalization thing she said to me is “are you gay, you must be gay?” (we’re going to learn to deal with that later) in the most serious of tones. Well it only got more awkward from there on as I make no attempt at a reconciliation as she picks up the remains of her hamster from the floor. I continue being awesome while she doesn’t say much until they leave. She stares at me through the window as they drive away.

In another article I’ll discuss the other two women who wanted to get married last year, luckily I handled those more gracefully than the one I just told you about. Regarding this incident, there is a rich history between our families, both of us are close in age, come from good families and her parents would love to marry her off to a guy like me, so I’m sure it wasn’t as random for her as it was for me, but we’ll get into the nitty gritty next time. In the mean time utilize the +10 to your not give a fuck attitude a clean hangover imbues.

This, if the roles were reversed.

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