Why Men Should Sexually Discriminate

“I feel like her hip bones are too big”

“Pimple problems, you’ll have to fix that.”

“She’s nothing special, but maybe something will come up.”

“She looks like she’s 25 already, it could be a problem.”

Some things said about young women like these…


in the movie Girl Model. Far from the internet nerd rage sperglings suffering from pointy elbows syndrome, these comments come from a vetted model scout looking at highly attractive women in their prime. If you have any inkling of red pill in you, there’s a good laugh to be had watching the head model scout critique these women. This movie is only 77 minutes long but provides numerous takeaways for men looking to develop discriminating tastes and bed beautiful (lingerie model quality) women. I’ll highlight a few for us here.

In the first five minutes we watch the model scout spout those gems to arguably some of the most attractive women in Eastern Europe. The Japanese market they hope to model in prizes slim, petite figures, beautiful smooth faces, and above all youth. Some of those auditioning are as young as 13 (they must pretend they are at least 15) while the upper limits are about 23, coincidentally the same age range men worldwide attribute with beauty (cue misguided feminist rage). The scout has game in spades and it shows. The pimple comment was directed to a girl who would be a hard 8 here in the U.S. and I could only imagine the quality of ass this guy must pull. The trope “act as if” is always good to live by, and you should act as if you were this model scout. But this is his job you might say, true but how many men can deliver that line with a cocky yet dismissive tone, not many I bet. Most manginas would rush to her aid, plaster and chisel in hand to build her a pedestal to raise her to the heavens. This scene alone, only 5 minutes in is worth the watch.

Secondly, it shows how impoverished these girls really are. Nadya, the film’s protagonist lives in a small ramshackle cabin with her family in Russia. Besides school she picks cabbages and talks with her grandmother for fun. No cellphones, one computer, and a whole lot of cabbages. Quite different from the wimminz of America twerking away their education. To be short, they live average lives like the rest of the population. There is no fundamental difference between them and anyone else. Instead they have to rely on being feminine, sexy, and attractive, to land a good husband who won’t beat them in a vodka induced alcoholic rage. 99% of these girls did not make the cut and returned to their village empty handed and will probably farm cabbages for the rest of their lives. Their natural beauty is for naught.

Daria Konovalova
Daria Konovalova

Third, the modeling / fashion industry is more cut-throat than I thought. One of the girls gained 2 cm on her waist size and was sent home ($2,000 in debt to the agency). That is some hardcore quality control. Think about that the next time some pug faced fattie tells you she’s a model.

Fourth, models are crazy just like every other chick you will meet. Ashley, a 32 yr old former model turned model scout (when the wall approached) keeps these toy babies in her house in lieu of other family or pets. She talks to them, caresses them, and otherwise treats them like real children. Listening to her rationalize her age-related removal decision to walk away from modeling is humorous in itself.  She also secretly photographs the models beneath the table while she interviews them and stores the pics in a shoebox. Now if that was a man that would be all sort of criminal charges, but she freely admits it and even shows them. She then shows us pictures of the hairy ulcer removed from her gut. Bitches be crazy.

In closing, watch this movie. Currently streaming on Netflix it is well worth it. The first five minutes alone will change your perception of feminine beauty, helping you become a better critic and raising your standards.. The dolled up humanoid troll known as Nicki Minaj will hold no sway over you. The exceedingly average Selena Gomez and her ilk cannot hold a candle to even the least attractive EE chicks in this film. You must become nonreactive to beauty, this film is a crash course. Enjoy your new eyes.

Miss Russia 2012

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  1. Excellent suggestion, saw the preview for this and wanted to see it, but your perspective makes me want to see it for an entirely new reason. I wonder if there is some way to help those homely-but-otherwise-hopeless Ukranian beauties. . . .

    1. Epic if you’re down for a trip to Ukraine to help these lovelies count me in lol. After you finish watching the movie drop me a line to let me know what you think about it.

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