Girl Game Gone Wild

Scrolling through Tumblr and this came along. You have to love the title she picked. Emphasis is mine.

Sometimes I do things that are so cruel and so ruthless I don’t know why I can’t stop“.

“Don’t get me wrong it’s fun as all get out and that’s probably why I do what I do, but at the same time I could hurt so many people in the process.

Affairs, hooking up with guys from the same families or groups of friends, hooking up with bosses and professors, someones dad, being a mistress, having guys fall in love with me, dating 5+ guys at once.

Most of the time I do end up hurting someone but I can’t help it. I guess it’s in my nature.”


You are not going to change a woman like that. Trying to argue with and shame a girl for running girl game is futile. What you can do is protect yourself so you do not become guy number six in her orbiter rotation. The girl who posted this is a six on the scale, lots of attitude and could afford to lose 20 lbs, now imagine how the 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s do it. It is a necessity for you to have both tight game and a deep knowledge of how women interact with the world if you want to participate in the dating scene. Otherwise you get played and she fucks your friends, coworkers, dad, or any combination. Last point, never let your guard down. If you think you’re girlfriend/ fiancee/ wife is not capable of doing this behind your back you are sadly mistaken. Anytime you feel the urge to soften your stance come back and read this again.

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  1. Fearless,

    Very on point here. It’s so easy to idealize women when it comes to girlfriends/wives/fiancees.

    Even for guys who are aware of the underlying nature of women, few admit that their woman is NOT special, and subject to the same whims of her biology.


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