The Hottest Girl In the Club and How I Bitched Out

Way to go asshole
Way to go asshole

Ok, maybe she wasn’t the hottest girl there (and I’m still a little drunk), maybe a solid 8, but for the sake of full disclosure here we go. All of my friends left, at this relatively early point I’m flying solo (1:15 am) As I leave the bathroom I lock eyes with this slim, pretty. light skinned, spanish (she could be puerto rican, dominican, argentinian, etc… for all I know ) girl in a flower print blouse on the packed dance floor. This had to be at least the 3rd time I’ve seen her tonight and she’s always been dancing by herself in a crowd of people. Besides my bitch ass rationalizations, I felt bad for her. You could see the frustration on her face. (I mean wouldn’t you be confused and kind of angry if your ugly friends got more attention than you). I wondered why no guy has even attempted to dance with her, she doesn’t appear bitchy, no boyfriend, not drunk (maybe that’s the problem). There’s plenty of guys looking at her, and coincidentally I happen to be one of them. I’m slated to become one of my hated enemy, the ravenous pack of wall dwellers shielding themselves with their beer. As the lions vehemently hate the hyenas, I too hate this sect of bar culture. For the life of me I don’t know what stopped us and I’m sure a lot of guys will say “just approach brah”. As I smoked a cigarette outside she walked past me, alone, as her homely friend towed some lug home. We looked at each other again, she kept walking, I puffed the opportunity away.

I bitched out, plain and simple. It happens and I’m not afraid to admit it. I could have made this post a draft or private in an effort to get this off my chest, but fuck that. While I’ll forget about her before I even wake up today, I’ll say this. The old saying “rejection is better than regret” is true. Then again I’m somewhat drunk atm so take this for what it’s worth. Carpe Diem mofo’s.

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  1. That’s when you get disappointed in yourself and go approach another girl, you don’t have the luxury of your rmojo anymore for the night. You’ll have to approach without it and earn it back.

  2. We all make mistakes, sometimes even when we know we’re making them. Even for someone who’s the best at what they do a mistake is good because it’s humbling and helps us realize we can never rest on ‘okay’ or ‘alright’.

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