Here’s You’re Motivation

The journey of self improvement and the road to success while well worth traveling are both littered with obstacles and setbacks. It gets disheartening at times, you start to second guess yourself and that creeping sense of failure/ dread/ lethargy creeps in. It’s important at these crucial junctures to remind yourself of why you started this trek and what you want at the end of it. Money, power, fame, sex, personal fulfillment, happiness (whatever that means), you can have it if you’re willing to sacrifice enough and stay true to your goal.

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Before someone jumps down my throat calling me a shallow materialistic pos I’ll say this.  Yes I want to live in an aesthetically pleasing modern house, drive a fast sports car, and have beautiful women by my side, but I also want to be personally fulfilled, happy, healthy, have my friends/family well off, world peace, etc. Besides I can’t really photograph happiness and world peace so fuck that noise. Since I have so many pictures I would like to share with you all I’m going to make future posts categorized for you’re viewing pleasure (cars, awesome rooms/houses, beautiful women).

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