EaL Book Review: Jesus’ Son 5/5


“I’d been staying at the Holiday Inn with my girlfriend, honestly the most beautiful woman I’d ever known, for three days under a phony name, shooting heroin. We made love in the bed, ate steaks at the restaurant, shot up in the john, puked, cried, accused one another, begged of one another, forgave, promised, and carried one another to heaven.”

Rating: 5/5 Must Read

At 160 pages this book is a definite must read, as most of you will be able to finish it in one sitting. Denis Johnson can teach every writer a thing or two about how to begin and end stories as seen with the above quote, the beginning of the story Work. Johnson sucks the reader into the grimy realm of the world weary, drug addled, and chronically lonely. It’s almost as if you are the nameless protagonist(s), wandering the city late at night, working shit jobs, and sharing drinks at the local dive with other nameless folks at the end of the world. Sounds depressing but it’s anything but that. Surely some of you who have fallen off the tracks into the dark abyss can relate to the short stories presented. For the others who just want to visit there, this book will be your guide. Rich description and point blank prose make this a modern American classic. A new paperback copy is only $3.99 on Amazon, do yourself a favor and pick it up. If you’ve read Jesus’ Son I would love to hear your thoughts on it, drop a line in the comments on what you think.

“People entering the bars on First Avenue gave up their bodies. Then only the demons inhabiting us could be seen. Souls who had wronged each other were brought together here. The rapist met his victim, the jilted child discovered its mother. But nothing could be healed, the mirror was a knife dividing everything from itself, tears of false fellowship dripped on the bar.”

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