Convict Conditioning


After finishing up my previous 6 week weight lifting program earlier this week I’ve decided on Convict Conditioning to be my next guide. After reading through the first 40 pgs or so I’m willing to put Paul “Coach” Wade’s book to the test. Despite all the attention paid to finding out his real name and identity the program is arguably one of the most accessible routes to increased strength. Based on bodyweight exercises and advanced calisthenics you can do it anywhere free of gym’s and machines. I see merit in his arguments from my own lifting experience. Injuries happen to every lifter regardless of proper form, due in part to unnatural movements and weight that the body is just not meant to handle. I start the Good Behavior program today and will provide updates weekly.


Along with a flowchart to track your progression.

*Update*: I completed the Friday workout.

Handstand Pushup; Step 1 Wall Headstands 2×30 sec

Bridge:Step 1 Short Bridges 2×25

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