A Toast, To All The Women Going Home Alone


The three girls dolled up in make-up and heels dancing in a circle while they desperately scan the floor for guys. One of them makes desperate eye contact with every guy who walks by to no avail. The 5’s, 6’s, and 7’s who end up alone all night with no male companionship in sight. The Female Beta post from a few months back rang clear and true tonight. I wish I could give all these women the love fuck they deserve. I appreciate the time it takes for them to pick an outfit, cake up their faces, and waddle around in heels so we can stare at their asses. But alas, I am only one man, with one dick and I can only help so many of these forgotten women in one night. My lack of attention is not for their lack of trying, there are just more interesting prospects out there. Maybe it’s pride, after all, why forsake the sure thing. The one that falls into your lap early in the night. She might not be the best looking but this is a guaranteed notch. This is the way I see it,

Look at that majestic mother fucker. Picture him mid-stride chasing down a herd of gazelle. He runs past the sick and old to tackle the fastest one at the head of the herd. Why? Because he knows he can, because he can assert his will on his environment

Both sexes rationalize to themselves why they go home alone. I find it intriguing, the lies people tell to save face at the end of the night. The sad part is the guy in the uniform chode outfit (blue striped button up, jeans, sneakers) standing against the wall with his beer shield at max power is the same as the 7 who constantly scans the room. Both of them go out wanting to meet someone cool, someone interesting and sexy that they can make a connection with for one night. Instead of taking the chance on someone that could change their lives, they wander back home, lonely and angry.

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2 Replies to “A Toast, To All The Women Going Home Alone”

  1. What the fuck is this incredibly lame boys club website I have stumbled upon? Women get ready to go out so they can look and feel good. For them. Not some asshole who had too much money and not enough attention growing up. None of those “forgotten” women need help from you or your dick. It sounds like you are way too self involved to make sex enjoyable for anyone but yourself. I bet you’re great at the circle jerk meetings, though. Which all of you pompous pricks obviously orchestrate every so often.

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