Your Choice: Asset Or Liability

Simple question, if you break down your life into manageable categories such as work, family, friends, love life, etc… would you classify as an appreciating asset or toxic liability? Chances are there is some area we are all slacking in, knowing we can do more. For instance there are those that roll into their soul destroying job a few minutes late everyday, take long lunches, call out incessantly and otherwise do the bare minimum to avoid unemployment. Look, I was guilty of it too until I took a hard look at myself. This is a massive liability or in simpler terms a drain on resources for your employer. You are a consumer opposed to a creator, taking more (wages, position suited for a more capable person) than you create. If this were a bank account, you would be overdrawn and eventually punished when you fail to repay.

You get the picture, the same parallel holds true for your love life, the great struggle of young men worldwide. They yearn for attractive women but have nothing to offer up themselves. She has youthful beauty, soft skin, perky breasts, a tight pus… get the idea. The great Les Brown has previously stated “how can you leverage your skills, talents, and abilities to get what you want”. What do you have to trade, some have status, others money, and some can just be be interesting attractive men who feel entitled to these women. The point is that if you are an appreciating asset to your woman, she will be happy to be with you. If she shares the same passion for self-improvement and increasing her own stock, both of you will push each other to new heights of success. *Sidebar*This is why you screen girls, not in a cocky PUA kind of way, but to truly find that person that is on your level. No one wants to date a liability, someone who drags them down, (complains, addictions, needless drama, emotional vampires, etc…) but everyone wants to be around an asset. Assets create value and bring people and organizations up with them. That may mean you possess a valuable skill-set at work, something no one else can or will not do. (11th law of power: Learn to keep people dependent on you). In love it can mean a multitude of things, being a dj and getting her into parties, learning how to take her on an emotional rollercoaster, up and coming (lawyer, musician, artist, etc…). I know there are guys out there who can be unemployed slackers who pull high quality attractive women, well I don’t write for them. I write for the guys who work hard, hold their head up high, respect themselves, and whose girlfriends/wives are proud to introduce him to everyone she meets and be seen with him. The pillars of the community, the role models that the youth strive to be, the measuring stick other men compare themselves to, that is who I write for. Picture that man, he is not a toxic influence to his family and friends.

In friendship it may mean being the rock when everything falls apart, making yourself available for others when it isn’t beneficial to yourself, striving to be the most reliable person on Earth. The liability comes over and eats all of your food, complains about work/school/family/gf, and overall lives a shit lifestyle. If when you leave and there is a bitter taste in your mouth from all the corrosive bile they spew you need to cut them off. Do something small to improve yourself everyday and become an appreciating asset. Study a language for an hour a day, work out for a bit, look for problems to fix at work and follow through. The last bit to your success is crucial, do not brag or otherwise draw unnecessary attention to yourself through the process. You will draw ill will from subordinates and come off as a fool to higher ups. While a bit of ego is good, let your record of small successes be your ticket to success. Tomorrow make the choice to be an asset to those around you and watch how well you will be treated, how much you will be pursued, and how opportunities rain down on you.

*If all else fails remember that 9 that shot you down is banking on the biggest depreciating asset there is; her soon to fade good looks.*


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  1. Wow, this was really nice writing!

    I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ve wanted in a woman, and all I could come up with was “someone who is my equal.” This post helped me find the words I was looking for (asset, self-improvement, etc), and I can finally explain to my buddies my ideal chick 😀

  2. Great advice. I started something like this a few weeks ago. Just slowing changing, tweeking really, parts of my lifestyle. Making them habits then moving on to the next change. Works wonders.

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