July 3rd, Your Legendary Night

Tomorrow is for barbecues and pools, spending time with friends and family away from the burdens of work and school. But tonight my friends, tonight is for the takers. At this very moment interesting and attractive women across the nation are getting ready to rage tonight. That HB9 that broke up with her boyfriend this weekend is being dragged out by her friends, “We’re just gonna go out and dance tonight!” The lonely 8 that just moved into her new apartment a month ago is craving quality male attention. From Miami to L.A. fit body girls are laying out their little black dresses, dancing to some pop music in their bedroom, and taking Iphone pics of her slim stomach.

She’s ready, are you?

July 3rd is a night for legends, a night when they throw their inhibitions to the wind and celebrate our nations independence. That 115 lb brunette with the 4 inch heels and her friends want to celebrate by having some strange cock inside them tonight. You are going to be that strange cock. Get ready to shine playboy. You trained all year for this, honed your body in the gym every morning, sharpened your mind with knowledge, and slayed practice poon for 7 months.

Read these:


The Reason Beta Males Pedestalize Women

Now get that charming, handsome, and mysterious ass out there and do some damage.

I hope you have a threesome with hot Colombian twins tonight.




2 Replies to “July 3rd, Your Legendary Night”

  1. Decent field report.

    That article on Bristolair called “Secret Society” is absolutely the best article I ever read in my life!

    It’s by Tyler Durden.That shit is golden!

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