Respect Due To Ferdinand Bardamu

One of my favorite bloggers is closing shop for good and the Internet grieves. Ferdinand Bardamu was one of the first to recognize this site and accepted it into the pantheon of manosphere blogs. He placed me in illustrious company, side by side with Heartiste, Roosh, Donlak, and many other writers much better than myself. Being in such company made me strive to be a better writer and provide some thing of value in return for Ferd. While I commented many times on many articles, I only wish I had more time to write a guest post.

I will remember the day he featured my Warrior Dash post on IBF until I die. It was a huge deal for only having this site up for 2 months at the time.. I was in public and almost yelled for joy, to the dismay of strangers passing by. Too many times have I discreetly read IMF on my Ipod and failed to stifle a laugh, leading to more menacing glares from said strangers. I literally rolled on the floor laughing at a commenter named D Baggins when for some reason I thought Dildo Baggins (juvenile I know). On one of Ferd’s environmental posts, commenter John stated “I’ll keep enjoying my job as an industrial engineer, die Gaia die”. I was politely asked to leave the meeting after that one.Chad Daring’s featured article The No Fat Chick’s Challenge provided a lightning rod for conflict. It was rare but inspiring to see all of us manosphere bloggers unite together against the forces of white knights and manginas in one post.

Not only did Ferdinand provide valuable insight to younger men, but he took the time every week to create his weekly LIGFY list. This list’s influence on me cannot be understated, as I would have never found such great writers as Koanic, Wizard Corpse, J.J. Roberts, Jack Donovan etc…I didn’t always agree with them but they always made me think. It was truly an honor to be on the last LIGFY and to receive his thanks. Without Ferd some of you who now (enjoy?) read this blog may have never found it and I might have quite two months in. My hat is off to you Ferd, an I wish you well in your future endeavors.


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  1. Irony is,despite Ferd being an asshole,he wasn’t the worst guy on Earth.

    Although I stopped reading In Mala Fide since our incident/Twitter-falling out,I had no prob with his content for the most part.

    He’s still an asshole,but it’s life.

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