Use Tumblr To Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Tumblr is a free micro-blogging platform and social network similar in premise to Twitter. Once you sign up and choose your blog name you will end up with your own site usually ******* Unlike Twitter there is no limit to how many characters you can use per post. Posts can range from a single picture, video, song, or word, to compilations and vast paragraphs of text. There is a wide variety of interests for you to wander as there are over 46 million separate blogs with plenty of overlap. Cars, women, sex, luxury, style, these are all topics that I follow and if you share those interests check out the blogroll to the right packed with potential jumping off points.

As I said earlier, the primary use of Tumblr is for micro-blogging as opposed to full on blogging platforms such as WordPress or Blogspot. Many use it as a creative outlet to write short stories and such. Where it may take 30 minutes or more to write a solid wordpress post it takes about 5 minutes to write an equal Tumblr post. If you are facing writer’s block or need a quick distraction, it is very easy to jump on and write a short blurb on your favorite topic. It will get your creative juices going and you can use it from your Iphone in the bathroom.

I plan on writing an in-depth introduction to Tumblr that covers:

– your dashboard

– followers

– people you follow

– re-blogging

– uploading media

– customizing themes, fonts, colors

– linking to your wordpress blog

If you already have a Tumblr and want me to check it out let me know in the comments.

4 Replies to “Use Tumblr To Sharpen Your Writing Skills”

  1. Reason I’d never use Tumblr is because it seem to not have a comment field on its platform.I could be wrong,but I tried commenting on some Tumblr posts,but wasn’t able to.

    1. I just looked up Tyler’s new car and I would take that over the Lambo. $1.1 mil Hennessey Venom GT is a fine machine. We share the same taste in beautiful women I’m afraid

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