Let It Die, Move On

I was over at Paul The King’s site moving through his latest article. Three gents posted with a shared issue regarding over-texting a broad. All three realized they showed their hand too early and asked for advice on how to still get it in. Here’s your advice guys; Let It Die, Move On.

I’ve been in this exact situation and it is too much trouble to try and rectify. Why waste precious time fixing a mistake when I can start fresh with another woman right at this moment? Unfortunately not everyone shares my sentiment. Inspired by actual things I’ve seen and stories from women, this is the slippery slope hapless beta’s roll down.

Stage 1- Genuine Bewilderment: At this point your wondering, we had a great time, why wouldn’t she pick up? “Maybe she’s too busy building a shrine to honor my awesome Sublime/Offspring mixtape, yea that’s totally it…”

Stage 2- Self-Doubt: Fuck, was it something I said? Could she smell my dank cheese popper induced farts? Maybe that joke about a priest, a rabbi, and a minister wasn’t as funny as I thought, etc…

Nope, couldn't have been the farts

Stage 3- Beta Anger Mode Activate: FUUUUUUUUCK THIS BITCH!! I’m gonna pound some brews with the bros and grind on some fatties.

Its called pre-selection bro, trust me I read about it online, she'll come running back...

Stage 4- Wasted Text/ Drunken Voicemail– There’s an converse correlation between how much of a bitch you are to how far you take this step. Low d-bag levels constitute a pleadng text or voicemail (tears and sobs optional, she’ll take you back by showing her your vulnerable side, amirite??). Medium levels run a wide gamut, there’s the sniping passive aggressive text message, to sending her a picture of you grinding on aforementioned fattie (check it out beotch, I don’t need you…preselection ftw). But yet only jedi level douchebaggery can attain the highest mastery level of stage 4. The angry beta d-bag takes the opportunity to render his best Stanley Kowalski impression outside her place at 4 a.m. Smashed windows, thrown garbage cans, police involvement. Chances are one of us real guys is upstairs with her and we’re gonna cave your face in if the cops don’t get here fast enough.

He's actually blasting "Bitches Ain't Shit"

Sound’s a lot like a woman’s hamster spinning doesn’t it. That’s exactly what it is, you go from a rational human being to a reactive emotional creature lashing out. A confident man would never even reach step 1 because he is secure in his self worth. No one can tell him he isn’t good enough, he works on every aspect of himself constantly and draws self-worth intrinsically. A real man knows it’s a numbers game and there’s a million things logistically that salt his game. She may have found someone better, her ex called her, she’s having a bad day, or you may have simply fucked up. It does not matter because its on to the next one as soon as she doesn’t answer the first time.Own it, learn from it and let it die. Get back to building your lifestyle ensuring high quality women chase YOU.

Confident Man Stage 1- “Oh well her loss (delete number), hey you, blondie what’s your name?”

The End

I don't alway's get the woman I want..... oh wait fuck that, I always get the woman I want.

3 Replies to “Let It Die, Move On”

  1. Exactly.

    As soon as you start wondering how to “get her back” or “regain her interest”, you’ve lost. You have accepted her frame and are now reacting to her.

  2. “Oh well her loss (delete number), hey you, blondie what’s your name?”

    Perfect. Tag the toe, close the drawer and charge her to the game. The only thing I would add is we should be prepared to talk to a lot more than just one blondie after letting her go. Be Amazing,

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