Fame: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

My adviser invited me out to a bar a bit from my place last night. For the most part it was pretty average, met some new faces, flirted with some cuties, standard affair. At the tail end of the night, after my group left, I stayed behind to check out some old haunts. I chanced upon the comedian/ musician Tom Green in one of the bars down the street. He was the impromptu drummer of a local rock band, and from the few seconds of the last song I heard, he was pretty decent. However, the events that transpired followed are infinitely more important .

As the song winds down, the singer shouts out ” big applause for Tom Green on drums”, the crowd erupts as Tom thanks them. As he steps down from the stage he is swarmed by people, men and women alike. Guys are slapping him on the back, and girls are trying to get a picture with him as he humbly accepts the praise. In the middle of this, two girls claw their way to the front and garner his attention, One is a solid 8, the other a 7 with a pair of double DD’s in a black halter top. The 8 says ” Tom I’ve motor-boated these tits” as she points to the 7 sporting some massive cleavage through her top, “now it’s your turn”. Tom eyes her, smiles and states that he’s married and just walks over to the bar. They had that starstruck look in their eyes and followed him along with about 6 other girls in tow. Honestly, I expected him to go face-down in them like a fat kid in a chocolate cake but he surprised me. Those girls never met him before, there’s a good chance they have never even seen his show, the social proof was enough.

Would they do that for a regular guy, the other band members? For a millionaire? Maybe, but definitely not that fast. The regular joe would have to run some tight game to get them to that point, and that would take way more than the 5 seconds of attention Tom paid them. The millionaire would have to back up his talk by buying shots, showing jewelry, etc…which leads to this conclusion. Fame is the ultimate aphrodisiac. We talk about how fame trumps looks, game, and money, but when you see within arms reach it takes on a whole new significance. There’s nothing you could have said to pull those girls away from Green. It doesn’t matter how much game, good looks, or money you had, they were locked in. The lustful look in their eyes as they followed him around town betrayed their words. With that said, I know guys land high quality women everyday despite being ugly/poor/etc…what struck me is the way fame (status/social proof) compared to money, good looks, and game affects people much faster than the rest. It also reminded me of this vid YaReally forwarded to the Chateau comments. Basically a group of friends create a fake celebrity persona and hilarity ensues. Women lose their shit when they see this “famous” actor in their mall, stores are shut down, security assigned to protect him from the mobs of women.

Lessons Learned

  • Tom Green is about 6’1 and a class act.
  • Owen Cook’s opener where you lock eyes with a girl and hold out your hands to her works like a charm.

*eye contact, holds out hands waist level*

*she giggles, takes my hands*

“What are you doing sitting here by yourself?”

“I’m waiting for my boyfriend” *still holding my hands

“No way me too!” *she giggles more*

True enough I see some guy heading over and I let her go. Despite the bf, it worked out well. My adviser and I were the life of the party at that point in a mixed group having a great time. Just wheeled around and spoke to her spontaneously, that’s the key to making this one work. Strong frame and a good vibe.

Feel free to share your comments or disagree with me on the topic in the comment section. I wrote this after I had imbibed a bit too much so I could be wrong.


6 Replies to “Fame: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac”

  1. Well you made some good points Fearless.

    I slightly disagree with the Fame aspect.Yes it’s a huge aphrodisiac for chics.That’s where social proof comes in also.

    But I just don’t feel that fame trumps every other attraction value things.

    And when the girls are locked in;you’re right it’s pretty much. A wrap.

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