Case Studies

I recently started Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s best seller Pscho-Cybernetics and I highly recommend it to all. On page one he sets the record straight stating “It is your self-image that sets the limits for what you can and cannot achieve- the area of the possible… by expanding your self-image you expand the limits of your talents and capabilities“. It’s a simple but profound statement that is at the heart of these two people I present. Both of these men are actual friends of mine and everything I present has actually occurred.

Adam: 6’0 about 170 lbs. Average – slightly above average looks. Not much money, no car, high school diploma, always made girls buy stuff for him (awesome).  Adam was born in eastern Europe but moved to New Jersey in his adolescent years and still speaks English with an accent. He rocked the Jersey Shore look before that shitty show was even a thought in a coked up producers head. Spiked hair, fake tan (not orange), tight Ed Hardy shirts, the whole gym tan laundry deal. The image you get is that of a d-bag but there was something different about Adam. While he was one of the most extroverted people I’ve ever met he had a sort of quiet confidence about him. Everyone wanted to hang with this guy but he was a true rolling stone, not settling down in one place for too long. It helps to mention this guy was the player of all players. I went to several parties in my town and around the tri-state area with this dude and he ALWAYS pulled the hottest girl there.

The first time we partied was in my town at my best friends blow out kegger (2007). He (had to be around 20) walks past the beta orbiters to the hottest girl in the party (18 year old brunette, solid 9.5) and just puts his arm around her. No “hey watsup” or any introduction, just straight to her and arm around. This scene would repeat many times through the year and if I didn’t see it I wouldn’t believe it. 20 minutes later he is fucking her on the dining room table while 10 people watch. He fucks her on the stairs on the way to the bedroom. He smashes her for a good hour in the bedroom while the entire house hears her scream, then gets up and just goes back down stairs to talk to the second hottest girl there. After it’s over we look in the room, the bed is turned 45 degrees and the girl is apologizing for soaking the sheets through. When I see him again in the morning he is spaced out on the couch after taking close to 20 Corcidin Cough Cold and Congestion (Triple C’s) pills.

Closest pic I could find. Just imagine that at 18

Next week he invites us out to a party in NJ thrown by some people he met last week. We walk in, he scouts out the hottest girl (18 yr old blonde, solid 9) and just puts his arm around her. Doesn’t matter that she’s surrounded by 4 dudes he doesn’t know and everyone is saying who the fuck does this guy think he is. His bulletproof frame of I deserve the hottest girl here, overcomes her feeble shit test every time. It’s a foregone conclusion that she likes him and he is going to raw dog her in less than an hour. In his mind these are absolute truths and he cannot even comprehend anything else. She will like him, she will fuck him. You would think that by running the most direct game ever he would get blown out constantly, in the rare case he does he just moves to the second hottest and tongues her down in plain view of the first hottest. It’s important to note that while he is a bit cocky, he doesn’t even talk about pulling the hottest girls like it’s a thing at all. He forgets them as soon as he busts his nut, it’s all about having a good time with top tier women, drugs, and parties. If I could I would have thrown him into a room full of Victoria’s Secret models and pornstars to watch him operate. I still don’t think he would have been fazed at all.  He disappeared off the face of the Earth for a year soon after and didn’t tell a soul where he was going. Girls actually cried when they heard he was gone. Adam is a force of nature who is the embodiment of irrational self-confidence.

What? Climb Everest on a unicycle? Fuck yea bro let's go. - Adam's last words


Dennis: 5’11 180 lbs. Average looks, owns a car, college graduate, decent job. On paper Dennis has a great life many would trade for. His parents are cool as hell, they have money and love him to death. He lives in a great town, graduated from a good school, and bought a new car when he graduated. The problem is Dennis is the most negative person on Earth. He believes that his social skills are going to ruin every interaction he has, and because of that belief, they do. In every convo he disregards the good and searches for the smallest hint of bad to latch onto. No matter the girl is laughing and touching his arm, if she does anything to make him nervous he loses his shit and its all downhill form there. Worst of all he is in his mid twenties and still a virgin, desperately seeking to lose it. Every female interaction is poisoned from the get go because of the palpable desperation he conveys. When I try to pump him up he just shoots me down. Me: “Dude look at you, your dressed better than everyone in here, you just came back from an international trip, you’ve been hitting the gym and lost weight.” Dennis: I don’t know man, those people over there think I’m weird and my acne is acting up again.

Even I get more pussy than you Dennis

It’s painful to watch this guy operate. His self-esteem is so low he shoots himself in the foot every night. He must read up on PUA b/c you hear him spout out gems such as “man American girls are so stuck up” and “their so entitled”. It gets worse, he has the worst oneitis I’ve ever witnessed. It’s a girl he met online none the less and they haven’t even met in person yet. We think about paying for a classy escort to screw him but haven’t decided. I could go on but chances are you know someone like this already. Dennis not only runs anti-game but will salt your game unconsciously then tell you some bros before hoes bullshit. If Adam ever met Dennis I think a black hole would form and destroy the universe. I imagine that quote “what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object” as the building collapses around us. They both look icy stares as irrational self-confidence meets anti-game for the final showdown.

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    1. Wasn’t a wild orgy, there were no couples fucking like dogs in heat everywhere lol.The guy would just have his way with chicks and they loved it. The dining room table and stairs only lasted for a few minutes each though.

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