What I Want From Life (Part I)


My advisors said it would be foolish if I ranted about others not knowing what they wanted out of life and didn’t share my own goals. You’re going to need some background to put it in context so here goes. Physically my team and I are pushing ourselves further than we’ve ever gone. Together we climbed the highest mountain in our town, then highest in county, then last summer the highest in our state (NY) which is Mount Marcy. Mt. Marcy is the highest point in the state and the highest peak in the Adirondack High Peaks standing at 5344 ft and a rugged 14.7 mile roundtrip to summit and back. Coincidentally we unknowingly joined the High Pointers Club (successfully visit all 50 state high points) as unofficial peak-baggers which is admittedly badass ,  I’m currently at two with NJ also under my belt.

Marcy, and you think HB9's are cold to you in bars...

This June brings us to the highest mountain in the northeast region which is Mt. Washington (6288 ft) situated a bitchin 8 hours away in New Hampshire. Straight from Wiki “On January 16, 2004, the summit weather observation registered a temperature of −43.6 °F (−42.0 °C) and sustained winds of 87.5 mph (140.8 km/h), resulting in a wind chill value of −103 °F (−75 °C) at the mountain.[14] During a 71-hour stretch from around 3 p.m. on January 13 to around 2 p.m. on January 16, 2004, the wind chill on the summit never went above −50 °F (−46 °C).[14] Snowstorms at the summit are routine in every month of the year, with snowfall averaging 311 inches (7.9 m) per year. Temperatures above 72 °F (22 °C) at the summit have never been recorded.[15]“. Also has the record for the highest windspeed recorded by man at 231 mph.

Thankfully, the path to summit is only about 8.4 miles roundtrip so we can tag and bag within a few hours. Besides the mountain there are at least 3 mud-run/ hardcore murder obstacle courses we plan on completing this year. As I mentioned in the Warrior Dash post we’re in training for the Spartan Sprint in June and Tough Mudder in October. I’ll go into it in another post but TM is considered by many to be the hardest one day event devised by man.

God damn bro

Short Term Goals (<12 months)

-Continue training (need to be able to run 10 miles @ 8 min per mile) and gain 9-11 lbs of muscle with lifting/diet.

-Finish semester with A’s.

-Catch big waves in Hawaii with brazilian surfer cutie Maya Gabeira.

If she's lucky

-Motivate and inspire people through this site. I really can’t say it enough, you have untapped greatness within you and can do more than you ever thought possible. I admit that sounds corny as all fuck but I really believe in you. If you’re here reading this you already have a burning desire to be better, now don’t let anything stop you in pursuit of your goal. We are working our way up to the Seven Summits, if our lifestyle allows us to live long enough we will climb all 7.

Clear concise goals are a major part of that as you can see with mine. I only listed my short term physical goals (as opposed to mental/monetary/spiritual)  here b/c I don’t want a wall of text staring you down, trust me there’s a shit ton more where that came from.

On an unrelated note shout out to my first non-hate/spam comment from Flavia at revoltagainst.wordpress.com/. Insightful social commentary spiked with cutting humor. Second and third comments go to Kenny at Kennyspuathoughts.wordpress.com. Kenny has done big things and plans even bigger (Cuba is gonna be wild), with that attitude he’s welcome here anytime.

Now get ready to watch watch what a REAL determined SOB can do when he sets his mind to it. David motherfuckin Goggins aka “The Human Machine” is a U.S. Navy Seal who runs ultramarathons ( anything more than 26.4 mi). Watch this and then tell me you can’t talk to that girl or pass that test.

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  1. Amazing video. I’m a big fan of busting excuses by using the whole Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France 7 times in a row with cancer thing. Be Amazing,

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