The Warrior Dash

People are asking me what these experience posts are about and how they help readers exceed and lead their peers. I believe that the more stuff you can conquer, the more confident you can be in society. Confidence is not some archaic concept where some are born with it and some aren’t. A lot of peeps out there like to think “well I’m not confident so I must be shit out of luck” or man that guy/girl is so (random adjective) and confident” when really they worked their ass off to get there. Maybe a small minority had the perfect life where they were born beautiful into a wealthy and loving house where butlers wiped their asses with 1000000 ply toilet paper. You know the rest of the narrative… but, for the rest of us confidence is built and you can make that bitch your own. The only way to do so is to constantly push your limits. With that said, grab your balls were about to get messy…

The Fire Jump. FUCK YES

    In a sense the Warrior Dash sums up this site pretty damn well.  “A mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme 5k run from hell. Warriors conquer extreme obstacles, push their limits and celebrate with music, beer and Warrior helmets” is how the staff describe it and they are not lying. I completed the New York leg back in June (I think) 2011 with my equally fearless buddy.

I was always fit but I wanted to test my limits and see how far I could push my self. We signed up 6 months in advance and started training. I had already been lifting but I was slacking in my cardio so I had to do some roadwork. Queue up Eye of the Tiger and some sweats and I turn into Rocky gunning for the title. This is a key tenet to this site: Outside Motivators. You can want to get in shape but if you don’t have a reason to, I guarantee you will slack like the elastic waistband on the only pants that will fit you.

I hear the ladies dig em

If you want to get into amateur bodybuilding, sign up for a meet set for 1 year from now. Same with learning a language, pull a Roosh and set a date to visit the country. Internal motivators are important but if you only have 147 days till a meet you will bust your ass in the gym. I digress, we went balls to the wall with the running. Started with 1 mile and increased roughly each week. At my peak I could run 6.4 miles flatland without stopping and by June I felt confident in my ability to beat this race’s ass. We got our awesome barbarian metal playlist and set out for Windham NY.

There’s a sort of village set up on the mountain where everything takes place. Oh did I forget to tell you it takes place on a steep ass mountain, my bad. Races are held on Saturday and Sunday with waves running hourly from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is one huge party up there with many peeps camping out the entire weekend. It’s more a fun social event with beer, food, live music, games, and hot, fit, muddy women everywhere.

Mud hotties in the wild

Our wave had about 140 people set to take off. Obstacles included 2 neck deep mudpits, cargo nets to traverse, cars to jump over, walls to climb, and the supremely righteous fire jump. The worst obstacle for me wasn’t even an obstacle. You start on a one mile run directly up the mountain which leads to the obstacles. I didn’t train for hills and I got my ass beat trying to run up it, eventually falling into the middle of the pack trucking it up the hill. That was by far the worst thing about the race, some guy even puked at the top. When you get to the top the obstacles pose little threat to you as they are just meant to slow you down not beat the shit out of you unlike obstacles in the Spartan Sprint and Tough Mudder. The mud caked to your clothes will slow you down some though. Also the course is as you can imagine all mud so you will slip if you don’t watch your step. We finished middle of the pack, washed off, and got our medals and free beer while watching chicks fall into the mud pits for the rest of the day.

Pro Tips-

-Wear clothes and shoes you can throw away. There is a pile of discarded shoes at each race they call the Rubber Mountain where you can throw yours after. The New York one was about 5 feet high. Obviously bring a set of clothes to change into since your race clothes will be completely muddy and soaked.

-If your down to tailgate and camp there by all means go ahead. The event organizers did a great job of creating a community of awesome people chilling out for the weekend. We met people that came all the way from Vermont to camp out and participate. Live bands and cool shows keep you interested throughout the days while the nights are spent hanging around campfires eating turkey legs with your new found friends.

Shirt, hat, and medal you get on completion

– You are running up and then down a steep mountain, make sure your joints can handle it. While this is by far the tamest mud run there is, it is still dangerous. The obstacles aren’t the problem, the terrain is. Running downhill on a muddy hill while preparing for a sharp turn is hair-raising to say the least.

– The culture is definitely more laid back than the other mud runs. Kinda reminds me of an outdoor music festival. People are here to chill, and have a good time. Not really about competition as much as just finishing. I saw all kinds of peeps finish that I didn’t think could honestly. There was even a 12 yr old kid and some guy that had to be about 5’10 and 300 lbs finish the wave after me.

– You can wear ANYTHING you want so make it count. There were the barbarian bros, the girls wearing Thing 1, Thing 2 matching outfits, and the dudes dressed as furries. By far my favorite had to be the guy in a blue business suit and briefcase. This guy checks his watch mid-jump over the fire pit and screams “I’M LATE FOR A MEETING”. This is  exactly when the pics are taken so it was pure 110% epic. When my sides stopped hurting from laughter I actually bought that one along with mine.

Verdict: Success! Bring your friends and have a great time. Buy your tix early and bring your own food/beer (shits expensive up there). Same friend and I are doing it again this year while training for the Spartan Sprint and Tough Mudder also later in the year. As always be adventurous, stay fearless!

Can I use your shower?


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  1. “This guy checks his watch mid-jump over the fire pit and screams “I’M LATE FOR A MEETING”.”


    I ran a 12 mile tough mudder about 6 weeks ago. “Tough” would be the best word to describe it. That’s what it’s about though, pushing it to the limit.

  2. Great points made in this article.Basically,confidence can be learned.I’ve always been unconfident and insecure as a teen.I’ve learned to break out of the fucking shell since discovering the pick-up community.And the more one conquers,the more he simultaneously builds himself or psyche(good example of RooshV pushing the “learn a new language” mantra.

    Lmao @ “slack like an elastic waistband”…

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