I am Fearless hear me roar.

Watsup world, welcome to Exceed and Lead. As the name suggests I want you, that’s right you to exceed your expectations set for yourself and help lead others to live their dreams. To do this we have to understand that fear is the main thing holding people back from achieving their goals/dreams.

If you are like me there have been many things you have wanted to do but others told you not to. Maybe you wanted to go paragliding but all you hear from everyone is how their mother’s uncles cousin twice removed gardeners daughter injured herself in said activity. It may sound cliche but once you set out and try your hand (even if you do not succeed) at a task, you realize your fear was irrational all along. That’s why to help you along I am going to actively participate in these activities and give you an honest objective review. I have never been a morally self-righteous person so there are no limits to the debauchery interesting activities. For example I will attend a religious service for each religion (Catholic, Islam, Buddhist, etc…) but the next day I might (will) review recreational drugs, very dangerous activities (skydiving, base-jumping, wingsuit flying??), partying in all U.S. major cities, travel abroad, and other raucous stuff.

Together we can kick the shit out of fear (You hold it down while I stomp on it’s face) and live life’s pleasures.  First review coming soon.


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